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  1. Tiny flakes floating about in Rochester. Really hoping a snow dance will help it start up again ? Can someone explain the Murr scale please? I know it's been about for years, but can't remember the specifics!
  2. Still small flakes & just starting to settle now. Hopefully it will fill in the gaps that melted earlier. Those gaps were making my garden look messy!!
  3. Are there any blobs following on behind this one or are we hoping for this one to grow?! Getting a bit heavier here (Rochester) already.
  4. Starting to snow in Rochester. Light at the moment, but flakes are bigger than yesterday.
  5. Does a drift of snow on the trampoline still count as a drift?!! It's about 2cm different from one end to the other!! (Clutching at straws) Not on a level with beast 1 yet, but I've watched snow fall all day, everything has turned white again and that makes me very happy ?
  6. Are you in Blue Bell Hill? I'm just down the road from you & all pavements & road are covered here. I've got a good few CMs on my garden table from today too. My daughter lives in Walderslade & said earlier that the roads here were worse than around her house, which is odd, because it's usually the other way around!
  7. Yes, in Rochester too! Road & pavement covered now. Still very small flakes, just much heavier. Hoping for some HUGE flakes soon!!
  8. Steady but still light snow falling in Rochester. My daughter is at Uni in Lincoln & said it's hammering down there. My other daughter (a few miles from Rochester) has been sending me pictures of her garden all day. Love how they see snow & immediately think 'Tell Mum!' Like I'm not already watching the radar!!
  9. Snow starting up again in Rochester & looks like it's getting a bit heavier now! Small flakes laying on what's left from this morning. Pavements starting to get a little light dusting too.
  10. Still snowing in Rochester, but very light at the moment. Hope that doesn't do anything to the covering we've got! 1cm (ish) on the garden table.
  11. It's been snowing for a while now in Rochester. Settling nicely on everything except the roads & pavements. the dog took one look at it and refused to go out! He loved it last time!
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