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  1. Landed in Latvia yesterday to frozen rivers and lakes... some broken ice sheets floating in the sea to the north of Riga. Pockets of snow on ground as we headed east. But barely 5% of the ground was covered in snow. This morning at 7am it began to snow lightly then moderately for 7 hours giving us 3 to 4 inches. Little more due shortly so we can cross country skii for a little in the morning before it melts... rain due Sunday turning to snow Monday... we shall see. Flying back Wednesday
  2. So long as my flight can take off to Latvia on Thurs morning and get back the following Weds that'll do me fine. Had a white Christmas there and hoping for a white Easter there too!
  3. Snow all but gone in Hastings now apart from some patches in colder areas where no sunlight had reached. Off to Latvia to visit partner's family over Easter. We had 8 to 10 inches from 19th to 26th December when we went. Often the case that there is snow around end of March into April so I shall be looking at models for eastern Europe in a couple of weeks to know to pack my thermals or not
  4. Moderate light snow here in Hastings. Another heavier shower showing for in about another 45 mins to hour on radar.
  5. Although very light snow at present I fear it won't amount to much. Does seem to fizzle out as it hits the coast. Who knows overnight it may surprise me.
  6. Too many worrying that the current band over the south is it for today... Look west of Bordeaux/Nantes (Bay of Biscay)... Here is where the snow later today will arrive from. It looks showery for now but as it pushes up from the south and hits the block, it will begin to squash together and form a more organised band perhaps more intense than what we are seeing now. If nothing is showing at lunchtime... maybe then you can worry Meanwhile light snow settling on Hastings seafront.
  7. Was a light dusting on Hastings seafront at 6am then an inch or so come 7.30am. Nearly 3 inches by 11am then the sun came out. Some snow showers passing through the channel an hour ago and more to come this evening it seems!
  8. If you look at the actual radar as opposed to 3+ hours, these showers are more E to W then NE to SW. I expect these will reach no lower than Essex/Herts areas. Shame as I am in Hastings!
  9. There are many in here attempting to use reverse psychology on the weather. "Oh winter is over..." "Not if I have anything to do with it... here, have some blizzard conditions"... Run through day by day from 1st Dec 2011 through to Feb 8th - the latter I recall had minus double digit nights, some snow on the ground for a week when I was in Surrey and the river Wey frozen in parts. http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=gfs;sess= Dec 2011 on the whole was similar to now. HP to the south, LP to the north, few windy days, mostly PM, RPM and TM airflow... it took more or less until the end of Jan 2012 for this to change. I'd happily wait 6 more weeks for the chance of a few snow days than a couple of dustings and a few frosty nights. I'm just hoping for something from the NE for a possible Kent snow streamer. I may have to venture slightly inland as may be too warm here... especially with me being on the seafront itself. @Tamara can empathise with me on that one, although, I think she isn't as close to the sea as I am.
  10. Screen grab from a video. Looks like it hit Hastings Pier! It didn't though
  11. Hastings cam pointing E/SE towards Boulonge-sur-Mer. I am 200yds from the pier cam. Can hear rumble after rumble here already, with the cell still 30+ miles away. Looks like I will be in a sweet spot here on the seafront in Hastings for this first round heading my way from the South of Brighton!
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