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  1. A lovely calm day here with temp sitting at 4.2c and almost no wind from an SSW direction. What little snow(?) we did get eventually, is still lying in the shady parts.
  2. Hellooooo..........That wouldn't be trouble, it would be bliss! (not the freezing rain bit though!)
  3. Hmm.........At the moment I'm not so sure about this 'event'. Looking at the radar, the system doesn't appear to be making sufficient inroads to the eastern side of the country. I don't like the look of that typical north/south split to the west which is developing (as far as Fife is concerned) either. Still, early days though. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar
  4. Nothing here yet. 1.4c.ESE 14mph.
  5. Morning folks..... Erm...YUK! just about sums it up this morning! 3.3c dead flat calm under full cloud.
  6. Morning all. Frosty this morning! If the 'STAR' is to be believed, UK to be battered by 'Snow and Storms from today' God, they never give up, do they?
  7. Gotta ask Edo...........Is the hot tub inside or outside? Don't know if I can cope with the answer though! Chilly and showery here today. Currently 3.7c with a W light wind.
  8. Hello all! Thought it about time that I popped in to prove I am still breathing! Very blustery here with wind speed around 17mph WSW and temps around 7c at the moment. Only seen a couple of frosts here so far and still to see any snow, even on the hills. Dunno what this season's going to bring, I have always been a fan of no-show cold/snow till later in December though, as it usually turns up a few surprises! Weather around Fife this morning -
  9. Beautiful day here today which is surprising really, considering the wind is a direct easterly off the sea. Certainly a memorable spell of weather we have had lately. Can only hope that we don't pay the price for it when we move into mid-summer shortly.
  10. Some light, steady rain overnight but didn't amount to much as everything in the garden still in need of a good soaking. Cloudy and muggy still. Couple of thunder rumbles yesterday afternoon but that was it. Currently 16.2c.
  11. You mean you managed to get a train from Manchester? Lots of very disgruntled people down there on the news today! Anyhoo, picking up some heavy rain at the mo but no thunder or lightning so far.
  12. Kinda got that look and feel about it now.
  13. 23.3c showing here at the moment but must confess it feels hotter! Slight breeze.