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    Lochgelly - Highest town in Fife at 150m ASL.
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    Trying to learn about the weather, gardening, music, crafts, driving, love witty people and their sense of humour! Married for half a century come August! Enjoy my son and daughter's company. Both my husband and I retired early from Social Work after 30 years service (Well earned!) Hate yobs who refuse to recognise the good things this world has to offer and continue to spoil it for everyone else! Not very fond of politicians,
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  1. I thought I could blame your altitude, but I see you are only at 70M?!🤣
  2. Guess who's back? Back again. Been a while! Had a wake up call from Catch My Drift (in April!) which I noticed for the first time today. Won't go into details, but it has been a horrible year for us this year. Anyhoo, the only thing that remains the same is the weather! Ala this... Hope you are all well.
  3. Hmm... Surprise, surprise,,,,,,DP -0.7c with a temp of 4.1c. 3 gritting lorries nose to tail just gone up the brae here. Do they know something we don't?
  4. Storm 'Who ge?" Erm... where is it and when is it?" Totally lost the thread on this! Nice morning here - temp:3.6c. pressure: 969mb. wind: WSW 12.1mph. DP:2.1c. static_weathercams_thumb.php.jfif
  5. static_weathercams.php.jfifSleety mix here at the moment with a temp fall to 2.6c. Wind Easterly at 8mph and gust of 10.9mph. DP 1.3c.
  6. Still light vertical sleet here. Nothing settling. Temp:1.1c Dew: 0.5c Wind ENE. Morning folks!
  7. Finally! something worth talking about! Yesterday was just a sleety mix which lay on the grass etc but the roads remained clear. Noticeably turning colder here now and the showers are really beefy. We currently have temp sitting at 0.8c/ -0.1c DP/WSW wind of 9mph. All pretty conducive for anything that falls from the sky to turn to snow. (just need it to fall from the sky!)
  8. Just caught a shower about 10 mins ago with big flakes. Off now though. Temp:1.3c/0.6c dp/15.mph/WSW. Looking at the radar, we could catch a few more later maybe.
  9. Yes I did get snow last night KW> Started around 11pm with very large, wet flakes and accumulated to 1 1/2" before it stopped around 1am. Frozen solid by morning which resulted in a torn wiper blade on my son's car when he tried to clear his windscreen! (tube) Thaw set in around lunchtime and has now completely disappeared. temp 2.1c wind 8.1mph W Feels like Easter eggs should be in the shops any day now! No?
  10. Oh dear God, perish the thought! None of us are getting any younger and, unfortunately, gravity takes over. I can't tell you the mental picture that creates.... (especially in long johns!) I am sure that there are much more sensible garments for the older gentlemen - Perhaps with a little fur trim?
  11. Central belt (east central anyway) appears to have escaped the worst for now? Slight wind is all. 10.6c/SSW/10mph
  12. Speaking of hibernating...........Saw a young hedgehog tottering around last night!......What the hell?
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