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    Trying to learn about the weather, gardening, music, crafts, driving, love witty people and their sense of humour! Married for 47 years (happily) enjoy my son and daughter's company. Both my husband and I retired early from Social Work after 30 years service (Well earned!) Hate yobs who refuse to recognise the good things this world has to offer and continue to spoil it for everyone else! Not very fond of politicians,

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  1. Given the law of averages (and sod) I have an uncomfortable feeling that we are going to end up cold and dry with the predicted Armageddon going south of the UK. Anyone else? Better for the fields though! Ditto Ciel...............
  2. Yes, it is slippy out there this morning! I'm doggy sitting today and daughter brought him down at 8.30am and took him out to the garden. When I looked out, she was lying flat on her back on the path and the dog was happily scoffing the treats that fell out of her pocket! God, I wish I had my phone to hand before she managed to get up! Does that make me a bad parent?.......Aw who cares, it was hilarious! 3c/1.2c.
  3. Approaching this in the MOD I see! (again) Anyhoo........not too bad a day here at 4.1c/0.4c
  4. Nae change there then! Love that pic!
  5. Yep, started snowing here too. Wind is bitter. 2.4c/-2.3c
  6. We've picked up a wee bit from the streamer but unfortunately now starting to thin out and break up.
  7. Hmmm.......Wonder if we will get a wee bit lucky here in Fife? That looks like a nice streamer on the radar. Wonder if it has enough oomph to get across to here. I should know shortly if it's a hit or a miss!
  8. Finally!! I've got a ............dusting! Still, better than nothing and it looks nice. 0.1c/-0.8c
  9. The Net-Wx MR take on snowfall risk into Tuesday. Not to be taken literally at this range Definitely? maybe? - (I just don't have time for the pain!)
  10. Morning all. Same as Cheggers for me last night. After heavy rain, skies cleared and turned icy. Windy but braw day here.
  11. Still just heavy rain here. 2.8c/1.8c
  12. 5.3c/3c/WNW so a bit of a way to go for me yet. Is it right that it has to start off as rain first and turn later? Cloud arriving now.