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  1. This song is doing the rounds at the moment apparently. First time I've heard it. Have a listen if you haven't heard it already. We had an overnight low of 5.4c which has since risen to the dizzy heights of 13.7c along with some welcome sunshine. Cloud returning now though and Currently 11.6c/ENE.
  2. @HawesyCan keep them! I am seriously in need of some heat and sun now. We are fast approaching halfway through spring and it definitely hasn't sprung yet! The last 'year without a spring apparently was 1976 which led to a fabulously hot summer. I would happily forfeit spring if I was guaranteed one of those! Farmers must be really struggling with this.
  3. Yes. Was quite surprised when a got up at 7.30am. Can honestly say that it hasn't stopped all day but luckily of the sleety variety as there hasn't been much in the way of accumulation.
  4. All the things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!! Ta from me too HC!
  5. Yes, a lovely tho' chilly day here too. 1.3c/W. Great to be in the sunshine again! Other parts of Fife doing well for sun too.
  6. Sun was most welcome this morning at 7.30 but now it has gone bye-bye and left us in this gloop! 2.4c/2.4c/ENE
  7. Hubby will have an absolute fit when he rises and if this keeps going. Think I'll emigrate!
  8. Heavy rain just turning to snow here. Feels really cold this morning with a very gusty wind.
  9. Oh, looked out and it is snowing quite heavily now. The steam is almost visible coming out of husband's ears!
  10. Thought that this spell had a fair chance of coming off so I stocked up well beforehand. Still don't need anything really. I certainly wouldn't have panicked over bread tho' It's not hard to make and milk freezes well.
  11. I had to read that twice!
  12. Amazon next day delivery?
  13. @Cheggers She must have clocked my usual summer avatar! Will have to add some alterations to mine this year though.......Those white bits will have to be extended down to my knees! Getting older really sucks!!
  14. The first thing I thought of when I saw that, was how very easy it would be to seal you inside!............ Been one of the best winters I have spent on here actually. Loved the banter, safe in the knowledge that nothing would be taken too seriously. Except for 101-North that is 'cause I meant every effing word!