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    Trying to learn about the weather, gardening, music, crafts, driving, love witty people and their sense of humour! Married for half a century come August! Enjoy my son and daughter's company. Both my husband and I retired early from Social Work after 30 years service (Well earned!) Hate yobs who refuse to recognise the good things this world has to offer and continue to spoil it for everyone else! Not very fond of politicians,
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  1. Oh dear God, perish the thought! None of us are getting any younger and, unfortunately, gravity takes over. I can't tell you the mental picture that creates.... (especially in long johns!) I am sure that there are much more sensible garments for the older gentlemen - Perhaps with a little fur trim?
  2. Central belt (east central anyway) appears to have escaped the worst for now? Slight wind is all. 10.6c/SSW/10mph
  3. Speaking of hibernating...........Saw a young hedgehog tottering around last night!......What the hell?
  4. Merry Christmas all. First time in a few days I've managed to put my feet up! Will only be for a wee while though as more guests due to arrive this evening. PJ day tomorrow, eating leftovers, which I like to call a ding dinner......(Heating up in the microwave!) Gawd, I love Boxing Day! The weather really is a bore fest at the moment eh? Anyhoo, enjoy the rest of the Festive Season guys.
  5. A bit blowy to say the least! Rain was hammering against the window at 5.30 this morning. Stopped now though. Temp currently 9.1c SSW wind 19mph.
  6. Temp dropped to 3.5c here but nice and calm. Those auto updates don't half screw up your computer sometimes! Will have to figure out now why I keep getting knocked off and constantly have to reconnect! Ah the joys.
  7. Thanks Norrance. The problem appeared to be with my board. Couldn't move from the forum pages for some reason. All fixed now though. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks KW. Have they changed the board format a bit? Radar used to sit at the top of the community page didn't it? Which page is it on now? (I've a feeling I'm going to regret asking this!)
  9. Erm......I know it's been a while and I know I'm getting dottery but where are they keeping the radar nowadays?
  10. Hi all! Been a while. Glug, glug, glug! Jings, there's some amount of rain been falling here since yesterday afternoon (of the monsoon type.) Garden now has slight flooding. Who knows what we can expect this year eh? Surfing anyone? Currently 3.7c WSW/SW
  11. Well we are out of the dry spot now as we have steady moderate rain. Radar now looks to be filling up for these parts.
  12. Morning all. Complete opposite of what I expected to wake up to this morning, as it is dry, cloudy and calm. Fife appears to be 'in the eye' of this rotation? Was up at five a.m. and looking at the radar, nothing has moved. A very red sky at that time though.
  13. Downpour but no thunder. Now just very light rain.
  14. Been really nice, sunny and warm (humid) here today. Things dried out nicely after the recent deluges. Can't make head or tail of the storm forecast as it is far too technical for me! Certainly getting cloudier now and something looks to be incoming!
  15. We had the full Monty here around 2pm. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain and gusty wind. Parts of the garden flooded (again). I am sure if you were caught out in that lot you would have experienced some serious pain as it was coming down so hard. Still rumbling away! Love it!
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