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  1. Morning. Currently 2.9c here with an SSW calmness. Went out to the bin last night and noticed that it was unexpectedly slippy. As temps didn't get below 2.1c overnight, it made that a bit surprising. Anyhoo, not much happening weatherwise so far today. A bit meh really.
  2. Type of weather that goes right through you here today.. Grey, damp, raw, temps of 3c on ENE wind. Yuk!
  3. Morning. Well, what you see is what you get this morning I'm afraid! 0.4c after an overnight low of -0.7c.and fog.
  4. Some pics from around Fife. All showing nice blue skies.
  5. Take it from the feeling in an old crone's bones.............I've seen temps reaching 14c in many February's in the past for them only to revert. Don't worry, the cold will return!
  6. Morning all. 4.4c here with a brisk W wind. Dry.
  7. Only got down to -2.3c overnight here and after climbing steadily, we are now sitting at 1.9c. Pic looks as if there could be some sleety stuff coming through, but looks as if I'm destined for rain. Edit:- Snowing heavily now but won't last long!
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/47006603 Dunno if you have seen this. It is a good user friendly explanation of how a SSW works.
  9. Highest temp today was 2.9c - currently, 2.7c wind W. Snow? a distant dusting!
  10. Well, it's pretty meagre don't you think? . I was referencing Januarys' over the last good number of years really, which definitely have not delivered for here. Granted, some areas have done/do better than others but on average, winters nowadays tend to deliver at the back end here. If they deliver at the front end then that is usually it for the rest of the season, as with 2010\11?
  11. Don't think this one is over yet. January hasn't delivered for years here. Models will change again shortly.
  12. Morning all. Don't think we had any more overnight. Cloudier and slightly warmer this morning with temp sitting at 0.3c/NW. About a cm all told I should think. Nice to see all the same.
  13. starting to see some cloud floating in now. If there is enough oomph in those showers entering Dundee, we just might...................
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