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  1. Well we are out of the dry spot now as we have steady moderate rain. Radar now looks to be filling up for these parts.
  2. Morning all. Complete opposite of what I expected to wake up to this morning, as it is dry, cloudy and calm. Fife appears to be 'in the eye' of this rotation? Was up at five a.m. and looking at the radar, nothing has moved. A very red sky at that time though.
  3. Downpour but no thunder. Now just very light rain.
  4. Been really nice, sunny and warm (humid) here today. Things dried out nicely after the recent deluges. Can't make head or tail of the storm forecast as it is far too technical for me! Certainly getting cloudier now and something looks to be incoming!
  5. We had the full Monty here around 2pm. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain and gusty wind. Parts of the garden flooded (again). I am sure if you were caught out in that lot you would have experienced some serious pain as it was coming down so hard. Still rumbling away! Love it!
  6. Looks like we are starting to 'cook our own' now. Lots of cells developing around Catch's area and moving up. We have had steady rain here for the last 45 mins which has just started to intensify and I am hearing very low rumbles of thunder in the distance. Usually, when the hill on the web cam starts to disappear, there is something incoming!
  7. quite gloomy here this morning. Low cloud and mist but not cold. Amazing how we had no rain yesterday and at times were quite sunny and warm, whereas further west had the deluge. As I type however, rain has just started!
  8. I think it's a case of waiting to see what transpires today for here. Currently cloudy but surprisingly warm.
  9. Seems ages since since we've had a morning like this! Cloudless, strong sunshine and no wind. 17.1c.
  10. Hmm.......Wakened by a screetch of brakes and a loud bang just after 6am this morning, followed by police and ambulance sirens! Turns out a 4x4 collided with a William Purvis low loader head on! Don't know if anyone was hurt though. Hopefully not! Clearance took ages.
  11. Well we landed up with a very fine drizzle on Saturday evening. Plenty of areas in the garden were covered though, so festivities weren't dampened! Great success after all the anxiety. Didn't break up 'till 3am. Today is dry though and still overcast and muggy with very little wind (and no sun either)
  12. Don't hold back there Big Innes! I love reading your posts I'm away to check where the front is at now as I saw a bit of blue sky there but it has filled in again!
  13. Finally stopped raining here. A bit of flooding around the garden but it always drains away quickly once dry. Front is on the other side of the motorway now on the Kinross side. If it doesn't intensify, should be ok.
  14. Morning all! What a wonderful day for a garden party! As they say in this neck of the woods, 'It's fair stotting!' Had a look at the radar, and it looks as if it is ever so slowly moving WNW and may leave Fife in the clear, though cloudy, soon?
  15. Morning Hairy one! It's that 'mixed bag' that worries me. Looks as if will kill off tomorrow's merriment in the garden. Oh well......it will just have to be internal merriment instead! Very sultry feel to things here this morning. Temp currently sitting at 20.9c, overcast and calm.
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