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  1. Same here, foggy with light rain and a very slow thaw?! Shocked if I'm honest as thought especially being over night it would be snow and hover around freezing. Weird.
  2. Yeah, here's hoping it expands, it's only just been modelled. Maybe Kasim knows more as to why it has popped up.
  3. Looking at the precipitation Hi-Res Models...spotted this little feature only 40 hours away... Yes it's projected to only touch parts of the region but could always expand or squeak further north. Definitely something to keep an eye on.
  4. Yeah, I'm buzzing the massive change in the ECM et al uppers, they might even squeak a bit lower? haha. I agree about the BBC, I'm repeating many voices here but I genuinely think the BBC etc are just lagging in their data...awaiting consistency. As we see the latest charts as they role out, they have to plan, make and present the weather so I'm guessed won't have time to rush a new forecast every time a model comes out. I reckon they have a 'theme', like the news does and makes shifts to that generally, rather than a quick panic change of their forecasts because of a model change. I do honestly think that now the colder easterly air has more consistency across the models the wording in their presented forecasts will change.
  5. Went for a dusky walk before... snapped away. Was so interesting to see the difference the 50m from top of the village to the bottom. Snow wise about a 1-2inch difference, but snow melt wise no different. Hardly any out of the sun, I was shocked how much is left after 3 full days of 'thaw'...
  6. The 'cell' for lack of word is properly shifting and changing but I think you will still get it.
  7. On the latest frame that blob looks to be expanding slightly west too, so might get a few flakes. Just hoping it gets here while it's still below freezing. I have a dusting from that shower that you got, but like I said I was on the edge of it. Enough to cover the melted patches.
  8. @Joe Snow That latest shower might clip Sandbach? Unless it expands a bit I think it will miss me but Sandbach looks in it's sight.
  9. I'm on the computer so use the MetO rainfall but you can see the showers dry up in Cumbria through the rainfall time window, like the instability is moving away.
  10. This is what I mean.... Streamer at first... But now... It's like it's moving south? The instability?
  11. Anyone else starting to see some sort of 'organisation' to the showers, like a band? swirl? If you zoom out to just the North West and look at the last hour or two frames.
  12. Just gone through the Hi-res rainfall projections and the Euro4 seems to keep showers most of the day. Also some now bring us a little belt this evening around the new year? One even brings us something early tomorrow morning too. So to sum up....keep an eye on the radar
  13. Morning fellow weather geeks! Buzzing that some parts are getting snow from this streamer. I am just a bit too south, we clipped the southern end of the Manchester Blob...but definitely not complaining, just pleased the snow love has spread. ...but what I have to say is.. to Kasim that spotted this when most places forecast a dry night. The streamer looks a bit too north for me this time but am loving the reports!
  14. There does seem to be a line of showers in the Irish Sea taking shape...maybe it's that streamer? Fingers crossed for you all. Either way I'm beat so off bed, way too far off to stay up for.
  15. That's great news buddy as they will have the latest information.
  16. I bloody love posts like this!! Thanks so much mate, helps me understand and learn a bit more. Really appreciate you taking the time to answer. I got back early afternoon from Keswick back to my house on the Staffordshire border...the snow is pretty insane up here considering what was forecast. The drive south on the M6 was interesting weather wise. Snow appeared out of nowhere at Junction 26, last til 24...fizzled out by 22....then was left with scaps of snow until junction 19 and BAM, shedloads again, then as I heading to 16 (where I pull off), it lessened. Soon as I left the M6 and headed up my hill the snow just appeared at the side of the road and as I got to the top it was like a winter wonderland. Yes lots had thawed off the road etc but not bad going for 2 days of thaw... Cheeky snow shower incoming...
  17. Sorry, Kasim, I have read it back and it looks like an 'order'. . It was more wonderment and you seem to know your shizzle!
  18. I'm getting this as well... (Audley) Crewe actually has more forecast! Kasim, where is this coming from? I take it a Cheshire Gap type scenario but the radar is dead? ...though to be fair it isn't meant to start till midnight?
  19. I am hoping that the lack of wind will help in this marginal uppers/dews etc. From experience - normally - the stronger the wind the more chance of sleety wet snow rather than the main deal. I'm guessing because the strong wind creates mixing of the warmer sea temps?
  20. I second this Joe. Thanks Kasim for your knowledge, time and 'Nowcasts' haha. They are much appreciated. Defo exciting times with many things that could pop up at last min...here's hoping the marginal synoptics slowly get less so over the next few days. To be fair, all I want is what snow does fall to at least stay around a bit. Yes it will thaw slightly in the day but not the rapid thaws we are used to in breakdown scenarios. I saw on my village's FB group the snow still thick this evening... so will be there by the time I get back tomorrow. That for me is so much better than a 1ft of snow to melt in 24 hours as mild SWs come in. Here's hoping more of the region get lucky in the next few days.
  21. Don't apologise, yes it is annoying when you miss out of the snow and others get it but I love seeing pics of fellow NorthWesters getting some. ...and to be fair, it's normally us watching the snow pics! haha. Looks stunning mate.
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