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  1. Morning all, was out all day yesterday so i had no choice but to enjoy the conditions without posting about it every 5 mins. . It's a good job really as the weather was amazing, I saw true blizzard conditions, blowing snow in Stoke City Centre... Anyways the reason i am quoting you both is a went to watch John Bishop in Derby last night and yes, I knew it was in the Amber warning but really still wanted to go there was snow there but nothing major but by the time the show started it was coming down thick and fast...roll on 2/3 hours later and the car park look like Russia... t The pic doesn't do it justice as there were big drifts too, it was -3c and pouring down, it was amazing...then came the realisation that I had to drive home to Stoke. i hoped that when I left the car park the roads would be clear...it seems grit doesn't like -3c and heavy powder snow. To cut a long story short the drive was exhilarating but fooking scary as the WHOLE way home (at 1am) the roads were covered. Luckily for me in 2-3 cm by then, that's why I tagged your post as it's no wonder the roads were soon blocked as it was borderline for me. I looked at the radar and expected less as i got to Stoke but the roads were just as bad in Stoke, all covered. If anyone knows Stoke City Centre it is all roundabouts and hills... I nearly crashed twice, even crawling. I have a Dash Cam built in so going to download that and do a montage of my 'journey' to remember it by. Final part of the journey I had to get up and down Alsagers Bank (as live up there), I honestly felt like a rally driver and by the time I got home I was glad to leave it all behind. It was still pouring and blowing about and looked AMAZING but needed by bed as eyes were closing all the while. Woke up very early this morning to go for a walk and take pictures as the snow shapes were amazing. This Mini Beast From The East brought more powder snow and blizzards than the last one by far, it's been amazing. By the time I got in from my I-look-a-weirdo-walking-at-7am-walk it had started to melt in one or two places so was glad I got to see it all in it's frozen glory. I got a coffee and caught up with all your reports just, it's really great we can share our some what geeky love of snow all together. Here is a few from my walk, not as impressive snow as some but coming from slush fest Crewe these are sights that I have not seen since I was a child. Trying to find a level depth I'm guessing about 4-5cm as found a part of the forest that was sheltered and the snow was still on the trees etc, not bad. Thank God for Beast from the East Pt 1 and 2. But the little brother takes it for me
  2. I have a question, I trust that Mcr Airport is -1c but in my car it says 4 degrees driving home? Is that the road temp that is affecting it or is it genuinely that much warmer in Crewe haha
  3. Whatever happens it is looking to be an exciting weekend...
  4. Where you seeing the 12z? haha. I can't find it fully updated anywhere?
  5. Haha, being at the south of the region we want Hirlam to be right! And if we are playing on fairness then you had the streamer last time! haha Looking at the positive, at least some of us should be happy whichever model 'wins'
  6. That is a pretty stark and exciting difference. I remember an old BBC weather documentary when I was little and I think it was Michael Fish who said his favourite type of weather is a strong cold front when it starts off as mild rain and "you then wake up with 6 inches of 'partly cloudy' on your lawn". Always remembered that quote.
  7. Great stuff, will check the 6z high res models now.
  8. Amber snow warning for my house...not expecting anything but would be a nice surprise.
  9. Hi mate Yeah, normally looks a bit poo but these charts below show some sort of either streamer or front...so who knows? Not holding out any hope though!
  10. There seems to be a 'bump' in the isobars in this chart. Wouldn't this normally indicate a front?
  11. Hi all. Had a day or so with minimal Net Weather as I needed a break as my frustration was off the scale, the current radar is the weather God Swearing AGAINing on our chips The first belt to properly hit us with anything more than 30 mins of snizzle ( AND this actually has some bright colours on!) and it's the first one that is actually rain, you really couldn't make it up. Speaking of which I have been thinking about this spell and if I was to give it a headline it would be, "You Couldn't Make It Up..." as lost count the amount of time I said it... so, cons first... The most frustrating part was not having snow fall (much) in this rare set up, I know how rare it is and I am sick of slushy, marginal snow that if it does stick soon melts, so I knew any that would fall would stick. I wanted to take my nephews sledging and build snowmen but no, every bit of snow that fell literally covered in a layer of white dust which soon blew away. Why did the showers work all there way across to MCR yet me, directly south they just died before arriving? Why did the fronts, any of which would have given me enough to have some fun in, die literally as they arrived...three times?!! I would rather it not be forecast than be on the wrong side of the 'edge' every time. I didn't have ridiculous ideas of what would happen, I knew the east would get hit and the usual places but I just couldn't understand how showers made it all the way across in some areas and not over here? The wind direction constantly flicked between NE NEE, E, SEE etc so some flippin' showers should have made it across in the strong winds. I wanted to see snow properly drift locally, I wanted to see Crewe actually get a blizzard and a decent covering. It has had a lot bad times recently and I just felt a fall of snow would have lightened spirits a bit. So to end the negatives, frustration is the main feeling as to be so close, SO many times, to a decent and memorable fall of snow - and have it last days - but have nothing major is so sad. ...that aside I cannot say I won't remember or take any good things from this spell. I saw some sights I have not seen since I was a child. Seeing proper powder snow fall AND stick in Crewe in the daytime was a sight to see (be it literally a coating of dust ). Seeing it blow across the school fields next to my college and being whipped about was amazing to see. The below picture was when the only batch of showers made it across, ignore the flash on the left of the pic (I didn't take it, haha, of all days I had left my phone at home so my colleague took it for me) but you can see the sun on the right. The photo doesn't do it justice but it was pouring down with the snow blowing in sheets everywhere, really a sight to see. The colour of the sky was amazing. I got to see Icicles, proper icicles, nothing I have seen since 2010. My house being on a hill did manage to squeeze a bit more precipitation from that crappy fronts so when the gales hit It did snizzle here and was something that I wouldn't forget. It was twilight when I got home and the wind was roaring and as it had just started the snow was blowing everywhere, be it there were small amounts, but it was blowing everywhere. I have never felt cold like it in the UK, no question. I walked to the shop fully wrapped up with gloves etc, by the time I got to the shop (2 mins away) my hands were numb and it actually worried me and it was just SO cold. The ground was frozen but dry, not seen that since i was a kid... the pic below is normally a muddy track but was frozen solid and looked dry. Even with the minimal cover drifts did form and again were amazing to see as not seen drifts locally since I was a child... this was from my hill, nothing like this in Crewe, the empty patch wasn't snow melt, just blown dry. Local ponds etc were frozen, which yeah I have seen in 2010 but was great to see. I think for me, coming from a lowland snow free zone, I will take away some nice memories and visuals from this spell. Was it amazing for me? No, but I have memories of visuals not I had not seen since being a child. It's just sad that with one decent fall it could have easily made it so. Going to put more pics/vids on my Instagram later today if everyone wants to get excited about my 2 inches... www.instagram.com/Benjaminstubbs
  12. captaincroc

    North west regional discussion

    Joking aside, it wasn't meant to properly get here until 5pm and you can see the proper stuff on it's way...we shall see.
  13. captaincroc

    North west regional discussion

    You could literally draw it on...
  14. captaincroc

    North west regional discussion

    You couldn't make it up...I have watched it march north with no hesitation or disintegration and then it hits Crewe and the past few frames it disappears over us. Honestly, it's been the theme of this spell