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  1. There is something very odd about the run as a small low appears around Scotland and literally doesn't move for 24 hours whilst everything else disrupts SE...Can someone explain how it stays still as the rest moves and disrupts?
  2. Thanks for this, though (experts correct me if I'm wrong here...) but wind will be coming in off the continent where the Dew Points should/would be lower anyways? So wouldn't need as low uppers for snow?
  3. This was my thinking a few days ago, that should help momentum with the cold west. Plus I really don't think I have seen a low that strong and big in that position before?
  4. Well 165m up and it's snow yes but wet 50p flakes. SLowly getting a dryer feel but only slushy deposits really. Crewe will probably be sleet?
  5. This is a nice surprise...
  6. I know I'm just over the Staffordshire border now but massive 50p flakes here. After an hour or rotating sleet, rain, snow. Starting to stick (slushy) on roofs etc
  7. Going back to my earlier point about my concerns, just seen the GFS mean and that looks good so hopefully we things won't change this eve! haha
  8. Exactly, we have been screaming out for a decent politician, one who isn't bunged my millionaires and then when one does, lots fall for the billionaire media view point on him. Shame really. Yeah, the overall pattern is flippin' exciting, the only thing that worries me is the slight easterly movement of each run of the initial disruption. As each shift east gives us less and less room for error. Am hoping a correcting westwards if possible tonight from the 12z runs to ease my slight concern.
  9. Pillock? Someone who actually cares for the people? Anyways... interesting update with the warning popping up. Must be more intense than they first thought.
  10. Yeah, last March having -3c and gale for gusts was without doubt the coldest I have ever felt outside. To the point it actually scared me as went for a walk and really started to feel unwell so turned back. Amazing to experience though.
  11. Local forecast or national?
  12. Bear with me on this and I wonder if the experts can help me on this... When watching the SSW videos they talk about the warming slowing the west - east winds they keep the cold air 'locked' up and that the slowing allows the cold to spill south. Looking at the charts that look, from a normal day, that the atlantic would breeze through the weak pressure over the UK and not slide. Is it a case of the models trying to pick up the cold air being released from the artic and struggling in the process?
  13. North West tonight was heart wrenching...
  14. I've not graced these NorthWest forum for a while but had to come here to say how genuinely upset I am. I have grown up with Dianne and yes she got a bit of stick but I've felt sad all day like I knew her, as in some ways I have. Especially loving the weather I watched a lot when I was younger and she was 'our' local weather forecaster. So so sad. :( :( :(
  15. I'm guessing this is when the vortex splits and one of the coldest lobes has drifted over Scandinavia and then picked up strength over the North Sea? I've always wondered if that could happen and what fun it could bring? As the coldest lobes normally drift over to Canada, would be pretty interesting if the coldest lobe came our way instead.