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  1. A really dull GFS run to look at until at least D10 but if it's any consolation at least we see some chilly uppers moving in on Christmas Day for the briefest of times Need a good set of ensembles as the previous set really did like the idea of milder weather to me
  2. Being from a location right in the centre pivot of those red/purple colours at 200m above sea level, and having had experience of these marginal setups so many times before I must say I'm not overly convinced just yet To me that chart is massively overdoing the snow 'level' and it would probably only be the high ground above 200-300m that would get anything in the way of snow accumulating (though perhaps lowland places would see more in the way of sleet/wintryness) Either way I'm pretty positive the chart is probably tricking us a bit - the turnout would be nothing like that
  3. Yes absolutely .. people not happy etc. But offering half a season for free... that really is something?
  4. StretfordEnd1996


    It's probably something you've accidentally changed/clicked on - you can change it on the BBC Weather home page about 2/3rds down
  5. Newcastle United are doing this free half season ticket thing in a bid to get the ground full Are there any other teams who should do this I wonder?
  6. Challenge Cup 1st Round draw in case anyone missed it Rochdale Mayfield v London Chargers GB Police v Torfaen Tigers Edinburgh Eagles v Ashton Bears Leigh Miners Rangers v Stanningley Underbank Rangers v Lock Lane West Bank Bears v Royal Navy Featherstone Lions v West Bowling British Army v Oulton Raiders Normanton Knights v Longhorns Barrow Island v Rhondda Outlaws Pilkingtons Recs v West Hull Thornhill Trojans v Thatto Heath Crusaders York Acorn v Hammersmith Hills Hoists Siddal v Saddleworth Rangers -(comon boys) Sherwood Wolf Hunt v Wests Warriors Wigan St Patricks v Dewsbury Moor Distington v Bedford Tigers Milford v Wigan St Judes Upton v Jarrow Vikings Skirlaugh v Hunslet Club Parkside RAF v Bentley Ince Rose Bridge v East Hull.
  7. Newcastle offer season ticket holders free half-season ticket to try to fill St James' Park - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Newcastle are offering season ticket holders a free additional half-season ticket to gift to fellow supporters to help fill St James' Park. In this day and age that's quite something
  8. Yes well not look out the window to see whether there's precipitation falling out the sky - I think a good portion of the country will see that - but more to look out to see whether its rain, sleet or snow..! Actually seen some people post charts recently that highlight the snow 'level' - these are interesting to see but not sure if they are accurate?
  9. He's come out saying he's "not worried about relegation" which in my opinion is potentially a pathetic comment to make, if I were a West Ham fan I'd be pretty peeved off.. what planet's he on!
  10. Yes plenty of snowfall filled charts for some this weekend but as ever these are just raw model charts from the GFS they are never going to come off like for like - hence why the best 'tool' to use this weekend in terms of working out whether it's going to snow or not is probably to just look out of the window.. Nontheless; Here's Wendesday at 15:00 but this really does look high/highest ground stuff Saturday looks a little more interesting for some; 06:00 and still lingering showers throughout the day for some in the N/W I suspect all these would just be wintry showers with accumulations only for high ground, though lower levels could still see some snow falling Looking ahead and the GFS is just sodden from D8 onwards to the end of the run. But still think a change could take place towards the back end of the month - just doesn't look too likely
  11. As we're perhaps firming up on some HP coming more into play by the end of the second week - it's not a surprise that there's going to be a couple of real, deep freezer GEFS members as some of these will host the HP in a favorable position for colder weather. Main bet at the moment for that time frame would be something close to what the op is showing - HP to rise close to/over the country which could still mean some chilly ground temperatures indeed.
  12. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be one of those horrible wet days when there's bucket load of puddles everywhere. People getting soaked. Having to smoke my ciggies half-in-half-out the front door, much to my other half's annoyance.
  13. I'll refrain from asking how often you change them then. In truth I don't think they've actually changed all that much in the last few days or so - models flipping and flopping to me would suit the definition of showing a freezing cold NE'ly one day and then a horrid W'ly the next run.. I don't think we're really seeing that This is a pretty flat looking chart from the ECM and it just feels as though its plausible to me. But if that were to come off - the end result of all that HP a week or so down the line could be interesting?
  14. That's really given us a strong signal! Bottom chart looks a tad more interesting, maybe? Possibly?
  15. Both of these teams have clear issues, the match was always going to be anybodies West Ham very poor defensively
  16. I'm not sure if we're going to make the top 4 just yet.. we've had a brilliant week and we've nigh on proven to every critic that we are more than good enough to get into that top 4 on paper but the big thing for us is the fact we have a young squad who haven't got all the experience. We're still in all competitions we entered in so there's no time for rest. We are fantastic against the big teams and know how to play but against lesser ones it can be tough. I fully expect us to give all our effort into finishing up there in the top 4 and hopefully it will come true, either that or we potentially are one of the best teams in the Europea League anyway.. Either way no question we were absolutely phenomenal against City at times on Saturday
  17. I know a good few Mothers to be who just simply couldn't do it. They just couldn't give up. All of which were incredibly lucky as the birth was okay. A few then given up since .. but some remain heavy smokers and will do so around their kid and everything. I'm a smoker but I tend not to try and get it in a kids face
  18. I'm more eagerly awaiting the GEFS ensembles than op runs at this current moment in time - got a feeling most GFS ops for the next 5 days or so are going to churn up some stinky looking charts - have a feeling that any 'change' towards the Christmas period will be picked up by the ensembles first. That above isn't particularly nice to look at though!
  19. Yes still looks like, similar to the 0z run, that the op was one of the somewhat milder members beyond D10 but would there be any surprise if on this occasion its correct and is a trend setter for the rest of the suit? Either way it's worth noting the mean upper average for the last 4 days of the run is actually below the 30 year average, albeit only just (didn't really expect that). The large spread/scatter of options for the tail end of the suit is normal to see Still share the opinion with others that beyond D10 there's very very little to shout about from a deep cold perspective but nothing set in stone yet
  20. As a Man U fan I personally think the media are obsessed with us and when things aren't going well they absolutely love it as they know their articles in the papers or whatever are going to get so many reads
  21. GEFS ensembles overnight show the cooling trend this week but beyond D8 things do warm up quite notably for a time. But is there then another cooling trend trying to evolve towards the end of the ensembles? Not too many members flirt with the -5 uppers but I still think going into the Christmas period it's not a done deal yet
  22. Seems like a bit of a while since I've seen a set of GEFS ensembles with that sort of agreement (or at least non-scatter) up until right at the end of the run I'm forgetting that Atlantic dominated periods are often pretty easy for it to deal with..! After a peak around D11/12 though they do show signs of cooling back off towards the average though - beyond that anything could happen
  23. ECM Mean at +240 shows perhaps another ridge trying its upmost hardest to built to our W Not the same with GEFS Mean though
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