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  1. The weather so far this Summer (well certainly this month) in my opinion can be best described as 'nothingness'. It's as if it doesn't really exist its that dull and boring
  2. I'm not feeling those Summer vibes at the moment, in the more medium term anyway - 😞 6z There's a few bits and pieces to look forward to before this though in the much more shorter term - Friday afternoon looking pretty warm - more so in the South and East.. for me in the NW temperatures may not be that much above average
  3. Some lovely-looking uppers are showing their face in the 06z GFS run - it's a long way off but nonetheless nice to see as a possibility In the much nearer term it's somewhat clear to me we're heading into (or have headed into) a much more unsettled spell with cooler temperatures and LP often making an appearance in the next 7 days HP moves back in up towards D10 (as per first image) but that's a long way off It seems as though some are almost 'confused' or surprised that this less settled spell is arriving on our shores - almost as if to sug
  4. There's clearly been something of a change of heart for the general incline regarding most of next week, with the wording specifically saying 'there appears to be a more unsettled regime at first' for the 30th-8th period
  5. Didn't April 2011 at least stand out as one of the top 3 or so mildest on record?
  6. It will only be a 'shame' if it's true and it comes off Right now none of us can possibly have any idea what's going on with it All I do know is that we are indeed in an Easterly QBO right now - let's not forget that
  7. As a fellow Mancunian I can relate! It's been a cloudy and overcast affair without question but I have to admit today has been lovely without question Heading into next week, there does definitely look to be further HP around initially, which will no doubt bring largely fine days and feeling warm. It's the latter half of next week which seems a little up in the air at the moment with the latest GFS really wanting to cool things down with it pulling some winds in from the north by D10 - with it would probably be something slightly more unsettled but not overly so. It's a long way off thoug
  8. To elaborate a tad further, HP builds back in very much so by D4 But a few days after looking ahead to D7 onward it starts to fade and by D10 we're very much in what looks to be an unsettled and cooler pattern Will need to look at the ensembles as some of the uppers for around that time seem somewhat unthinkably low in relation to some of the output we've seen recently But I'm not going to say it won't lead to warm and settled June - if these charts were to come off I don't think they really give any suggestions to what June may bring
  9. My predictions June to start off quite warm and dry for many, especially the south (the south is mostly best in summer for proper heat and warmth). This will be one of only perhaps 2 or 3 notable hot and dry spells July and August may tend to be more average, specifically rainfall wise I think these days a bad summer is one that's wet, a good one is one that's dry. A colder than average summer seems very unlikely but never say never. It seems in this day and age all we need is a slight little nudge from HP to the south for very hot uppers to bake over the country and give us 25'
  10. Absolutely I'm glad someone shares my view - I don't think we're anywhere close to 'drought' conditions yet, I think if we experience a continued lack of precipitation for the next few months, coupled with very warm or hot conditions then reservoirs and the like may begin to struggle but here right now we're fine I'm also in the belief that these very low rainfall totals aren't here to stay, and things may turn a bit more closer to average or even above as we head into the next season. But hey I'm likely to be wrong!
  11. I don't think we're anywhere near such situation yet, we've just had a few months of below average rainfall - yes okay if it continues for another few months it can be worrying but I don't think we're crying out in desperation for rain
  12. A really dull GFS run to look at until at least D10 but if it's any consolation at least we see some chilly uppers moving in on Christmas Day for the briefest of times Need a good set of ensembles as the previous set really did like the idea of milder weather to me
  13. Being from a location right in the centre pivot of those red/purple colours at 200m above sea level, and having had experience of these marginal setups so many times before I must say I'm not overly convinced just yet To me that chart is massively overdoing the snow 'level' and it would probably only be the high ground above 200-300m that would get anything in the way of snow accumulating (though perhaps lowland places would see more in the way of sleet/wintryness) Either way I'm pretty positive the chart is probably tricking us a bit - the turnout would be nothing like that
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