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  1. Happy Valentines Day. Here's a stinky smelly looking GFS+210 for my missus. Ughh.. less of these charts are needed!
  2. I think this is absolutely the type of post that we want to see in here. This being the Cold Hunt thread - and at times where cold hunting is in short supply it's perfectly acceptable I think to post charts like this as a bit of straw clutching - As you say maybe nothing and most likely nothing but I've known countless times during Winters where all we have is countless raging Westerlies after SW after W after SWly winds ... HP next week certainly is off interest in terms of where it could end up.
  3. It's a good job the month contains 28 days then isn't it. Plenty to play for from 17th-28th in my opinion. We'll see This below for starters does seem like something is knocking on the door - albeit with a knock as loud as a paperclip dropping on the floor.. it's still something.
  4. I think it's more that he's simply using all the information, charts and whatnot that we can all see and putting them altogether. His output today hasn't come as any surprise to me - he's just looking at the charts and relating back the information which on face value yes, looks very bleak! But I'm a cold lover who doesn't always look for long term cold and raging Easterlies. In periods like these were we're all straw-clutching in that sense, it's always nice to see the odd little cold chart thrown in for good measure like this - this has a very high chance of happening and it could be a lovely cold frosty start for many next Monday.
  5. 'very little evidence of any cold'. I must be reading this one wrong then. Too many sherries for me I think?
  6. It's been a frosty start to the day but it all turned kinda 'stinky' in the afternoon... light drizzle, feeling chilly and just a proper wet day
  7. Can you just imagine if that was the Op tonight... no matter how outlier it was. We'd be all in the pub.
  8. Have to agree with this it's been very hard to follow
  9. I think sometimes the local councils aren't particularly clued up on what the weather may do overnight. Time and time again I've seen them out gritting the roads when they really didn't need to.
  10. I'm not overly expectant on the 18z to deliver much - think if we're going to get something cold wise it'll be more of a gradual thing with lots of twists and turns along the way - we have to start something though - How about that 240 day 10 chart for the 1000 time this Winter?
  11. I'm seeing some fair cross model agreement for an attempted push up of High Pressure from the South in around 7-9 days time. ECM below actually makes a good deal of it and stretches it right over the country More subdued and unsure on GFS But nonetheless I do occasionally like to see this when there's nothing in the way of cold standing out - it's far better than low pressure pumping in from the West and there's a chance any HP pushing up in 7 days+ time may end up in a position we all want it to end up. Yes, there's probably a better chance it won't get up to much but at least there's 'something' going on.
  12. For the first time since Tuesday, the car may be able to make it up the drive tomorrow (and the one that's up there now can hopefully be driven down!). The 5cm or so (give or take a few cm) that fell on Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday AM has really done well do stick around for a good 5 days, especially in sheltered parts although even down here at 165m Uppermill's still just about white. Hills have looked beautiful all week, but I don't expect much in the way of snow patches to stick around for too long as I can't imagine it's too deep even at 400m. Still, it's been a fine week of Wintry weather, the snow cover has looked beautiful and what's more I'm really of the opinion we're going to get some more by the end of March - just if and when is another question!
  13. It's possibly some people like them as they have a more 'traditional' feel to them!
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