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Sussex snowstorm

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  1. No way see as I was saying you never know snow on the coast in brighton lol
  2. We ain't even in the cold yet and people are looking for a ending for it already, the models change daily, for instance tomorrow's modles will say different then today past even 96hours! It gives me headaches this model watching, but keeps me on my toes, All I know is that the cold is set in stone next week, for snow it's to early to say this far out, it's just a waiting game!
  3. It's to early to talk about snow this far out, it can pop up anywhere in a short amount of time, get the cold in first, then these sliders then let the games begin !
  4. Also looking more into next week as there is signs of low pressure systems to slide through the uk with the jet digging way south, this would then give us a build of high pressure North of us with an increasing risk of an eastley wind,much better for us in the South East I say, but still a long way off more runs to get through first but the Trend continues!!
  5. Yeah true, you can get wintry weather if the dew point is below 0 even if the air temp is higher, won't lay as well though, being close to the coast doesn't help with showers, but also it depends where the showers are coming from , lol
  6. With this current set up its intersting what kinda shower you will get next (lighting, heavy rain,snow, sleet, hail, gusty winds) im more focusing on the more heavier prep, need these dew points to drop though for abit of white stuff !
  7. Yeah it was only a very short storm but some fantasic lighting though, it's past now with clear sky's, awaiting the next shower!
  8. A little thunder strom just hit us in porstlade, just rain and hail here though, just an onshore breeze from the shore picking up the temps slightly, better more inland you go though
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