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  1. Nice turn of phrase there. Impressive for a forum page tbh. I think you have a hidden writing talent.
  2. Look, if its comes tonight and tomorrow and its forecast to start warming up on Saturday, then its a cold snap, it ain't no beast. It was ramped, overhyped nonsense. Just be happy with whatever you get tomorrow and look forward to some warmer weather which will be along in a few short weeks now. The sun is just getting a bit too strong at the end of Feb, any snow soon melts and its never as cold during the day as what the rampers will tell you. Sure, it can be cold overnight though. You need these 'beasts' to be unleashed in December and January when the days are shorter.
  3. Not many showers coming in off the sea at the moment, although the good news is the wind has picked up. Well above freezing though. This mornings snow, well on its way to disappearing. Radar not showing anything interesting either.
  4. By all means take the jaffa cakes, as its fun. But he's not wrong is he ?!
  5. Living in Brid you will get some showers today but expect more after tea time if the forecast is to be trusted.
  6. They are probably going to peter out as they come inland during the day anyway. The winds are quite light here on the East Coast at the moment and wouldn't suggest they would move inland with much intensity. Once they get over the Yorkshire Wolds, then snowfall will be much less. Just on my third snow shower of the day but radar showing nothing much after that at the moment. Just hope the forecast is accurate for overnight and tomorrow.
  7. Respectfully mate, what are you looking at? The radar is not showing any 'streamers' anywhere near Rotherham. from what we can see you ain't going to get 10cms. At the moment the radar is showing a couple of bands of showers coming in off the North Sea, lying North to South and petering out as they come inland. 'Sreamers' would be orientated. East to West and there are none of those showing. A 'streamer' is the holy grail and I truly hope you get one, but it doesn't look like it at the moment, so I don't see why you are suggesting that parts of South Yorkshire will get 10cms. I
  8. I don't think you are right there old boy. The radar goes far enough out into the North Sea to show the system that has developed. Its just the system is not as extensive as forecast. What you see now is probably what you're going to get. It seems that the system will move more westerly than southerly and will miss most of Yorkshire apart from NW of Harrogate and into the west of West Yorkshire. There will still be some snow in other areas from some showers but it will probably amount to no more than 1cm or so. The forecast for tomorrow also seems to be dropping the shower activity
  9. Just to point out one is the 'forecast' and one is the actual of whats happening out in the North Sea. If the actual doesn't turn out to be like the forecast don't be disappointed. At the moment, the low hasn't developed as per the forecast. Its a smaller affair, but with heavier snow in it. Just watch it and see what happens, currently looks on track for Borders/Newcastle area and won't give as much widespread snow as the forecast. Just wait and see what actually happens.
  10. Isn't that just downright irresponsible of you? Surely you have customers, work colleagues and even bosses who depend on you and they are a bit more important than watching a computer screen all night and then you not being fit to go to work. You do want you want, but I think its a disgrace to let other people down over something that is so incredibly, unimportantly, selfish. The snow will come or not regardless of you watching it all night.
  11. Only by certain posters on here. The Met Off certainly didn't predict a lot of snow, just cold and the possibility of snow for a few days.Amounts were always less than 10 cms in total.
  12. Yes, its all hype once again, the 'Beast from the East' is more like a fart in a hurricane. The so called expert posters on here were predicting sub zero daytime temperatures, lake effect snow bringing vast amounts of snow for days on end, from Russia with love, worst weather for 30-40 years, a once in a lifetime event etc. Once again absolute tosh, not enough snow to make an icecube today and +2 degrees where I live near the east coast. Nothing more than a normally chilly day in winter. To cap it all it'll turn milder on Friday and its all over by Saturday. In other words a fairly n
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