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  1. Just had a heavy blob of snow showing smack bang over me on radar and nothing at all. Not a single flake. You couldn't make it up.
  2. Woke up to nothing here again. Had zilch from this cold spell, absolutely rubbish for here.
  3. Stoke always gets it, had a decent covering from every single snow event to date. Its been rubbish here need a break from the regional thread its soul destroying lol.
  4. Birmingham is killing off the snow before it gets here. So frustrating.
  5. Still snowing but not sticking to anything at all not even the cars
  6. It's snowing here but not sticking..not sure what the few point is
  7. Met office 11am forecast for tomorrow for this area. Who knows what's going to happen.
  8. Gutted, had hardly anything here so far this winter and missing out on the really good stuff again. It's always further north, you lot are so lucky. I am having a toy out the pram moment.
  9. It's moving to the north here now, I didn't think it was going to get north enough, now it's going too far north, you couldn't make it up. We have had a lovely covering though so can't complain (well not too much anyway)
  10. I think I'm going to miss the pivot its saying it's going to be just north of here . Arghhhhhhhhhhh
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