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  1. Miserable weather again. Cool and rainy. On the plus side we have reached double figures today - currently 10.1 C. feels like we have had weeks on end of NE winds
  2. No lying snow here this week. Just a couple of heavy showers. Not too bad at mo - dry and 6.6C.
  3. Very jealous. Dont know how far Burghead is from you but we have no snow. A small covering yesterday that lasted about 3 hours.
  4. 13.7 c here. Sunny but blustery. Went for walk with the full winter gear on- doh!
  5. Just a rain shower this morning. Temperature peaked at 4.5 C and currently 4.2.
  6. Currently 8.9 C here and no wind. Sky just cleared. not a bad December day.
  7. Dry clear and 4.5 C here on Moray coast
  8. Cant sleep . Clear morning 8.9 C. Might see the Jupiter Mars alignment.
  9. Since Ive been up temp has gone from 9.6C to 8.9C. Drizzly in NW breeze. Anybody forecasting some decent weather for the north? ( fed up with Carol telling us the weather is sunny and warm for just about everyone!!)
  10. temperature now 3.2c , raining heavily, and wind from sw. I think my weather station needs fixing
  11. Pretty disappointed with today. Admittedly I'm on the coast but a northerly in January bringing rain.!!
  12. No snow here on Moray coast. Temp 0.9 c and sunny
  13. Never seen/heard thundersnow so if that happens al be happy
  14. Clear morning. Now 2,4 c and heavy rain. Turning to sleet. Too be expected on coast I suppose.