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  1. Snowed here at 8 last night. Temp 0 C. Awoke at 6 to hear rain battering on the window. Snow gone and temp of 2 C Eh?
  2. Keith Brown MSP on Twitter “Unbelievable! Tory MP for Moray saying he is "happy" with a grubby deal that leaves Scotland empty handed.” twitter.com Wee Dougie Ross MP/ referee saying he is happy with deal. He will be okay, though, with his increased Westminster pension. So much for standing up for the people of Moray.
  3. I agree with this. We recently had a residents meeting - 65 properties. (None in the million pound bracket !) . The majority of the owners are retirees from the south or ex -RAF who have decided to stay in Moray. I don't know how these people voted but unlikely to be SNP. Also Moray voted 50.1/ 49.9 in the EU referendum.
  4. No mention of this on Reporting Scotland. Just something about somebody disrespecting Ruth Davidson during a political satire/comedy show. I guess this is more important than the Scottish economy.
  5. Its funny how she campaigned to remain in EU but now she is in full UK at any cost mode.
  6. http://stv.tv/news/politics/1367060-poll-ruth-davidson-more-popular-with-scots-than-sturgeon/ Brexit bounce ?
  7. You said the UK is now a racist country due to the Leave vote.
  8. You said UK now has racist status. I voted to leave so I must be racist. ps 62% of Scots who voted to remain in EU are not necessarily going to vote for an independant Scotland within the EU
  9. Really annoyed to be called a racist. Scotland is a democracy and people should vote how they wish.
  10. Not very Scottish - all this talk of changing nationality. I have always believed that the people of Scotland are capable of running a country. I wont be leaving here at the drop of a hat. It was only a couple of years ago that people on this thread were accusing the NO campaign of always talking Scotland down. Looks like the Remainers are now doing the same thing. They would be happy if the economy is wrecked so they can say I told you so.
  11. I'm confused to be honest. I voted YES in 2014 and Leave on Thursday. I would probably vote Yes to indy within EU. I agree that we should not be forced into making a decision at the moment. Devomax/ UK Federation would be more suitable for me.
  12. I voted Leave yesterday. ( It ended up very close in Moray 49.9% to 50.1%). My decision was for personal reasons ( redunancy from oil + gas and my family is from a fishing industry background) . Didnt think Leave would win as the polls were pointing to remain so therefore it was really a protest vote against the UK goverment. As for indyref2, Im not sure. I voted YES in 2014. The currency issue has not been resolved and a small country like Scotland would be forced to join the Euro. Devo max with Scotland trading with rUK and Europe would be an ideal solution for me at the moment.
  13. Miserable weather again. Cool and rainy. On the plus side we have reached double figures today - currently 10.1 C. feels like we have had weeks on end of NE winds
  14. Most Leave : Moray ( unlike the rest of Scotland the people I have spoken to are mostly voting out). RAF/ex RAF/ English/ ex Fisherman Most Remain : Aberdeen
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