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  1. I’m surprised the temp isn’t rising quicker! Farnham, Surrey temp 0.8 dp -3.9
  2. I guess this may be the end of the snow (but who knows) we have an annual trip to Plymouth at Easter normally it’s lovely sunshine! I’m looking forward to spring! here in Farnham, Surrey we only had a couple of cm last time so our 8cm this time has been lovely! I’ve loved the snow this year and I’m glad others gave st least had a bit! To be honest none of it was expected so I’m over the moon! Roads are very icy around here this morning! temp -0.2 dp -3.9 ?
  3. Just started to snow here in Farnham, Surrey at the moment fine blowy bits Very cold and all snow still laying from last night ?
  4. I’ve got a pack of 12 Cream eggs i wonder how many I could eat before it arrives at me!!?? Coukd this be a new timescale for waiting for snow??! ?
  5. Sitting (very impatiently) ? waiting for the blob! Temp (Farnham, Surrey) -0.5 dp -3.1 nothing has melted today so am hoping for a bit more of a lay!
  6. Does it slightly vex anyone else when Weather forecasters in TV use emotive language instead of just saying the facts?! lovely, nasty, horrible etc weather! One mans meat is another mans poison! ?
  7. Coming down again fairly hard here in Farnham! So chuffed! But remembered I left my mums wheelchair outside! Trying to defrost it before I take her outside! She’s not at all well and doesn’t go out so I want to try to at least let her see it in the Garden! Hooe it stays long enough! X
  8. Wow! Didnt expect to wake up to this! What a lovely surprise much more than last time for us (Farnham, Surrey) Temp -1.2 dp -2.1 very happy going to get up and go out for a drive! ?
  9. So confused now! Very light snow here in Farnham, Surrey! Not sure if I’m too south or north or as usual West!
  10. Did anyone see the American television series ‘The Dome’? Think that may have happened over us! (Farnham)
  11. Not a lot happening here in Farnham, Surrey! Feeling very cold though! My snow symbols keep moving an hour later! (I know I shouldn’t look!) ? temp -1.3 dp -3.1
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