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  1. Morning, when I went to sleep at 1am I was sure something would get to us! (Farnham, Surrey) just looked out and Nope, nothing! been avoided by the blobs again! Roll on moving to Scotland!! very cold temp -3.8
  2. This forum does remind me what a weird shape it is and how far Surrey covers! When I see someone in Surrey I always think they are near me! I’m on the Surrey/hants border so a long way from some Surrey areas! (Farnham)
  3. I just popped outside, it’s a beautiful clear cold, starry sky! Gorgeous! I just wish it was grey and heavy with snow!! Bit ungrateful really!!! (Farnham, Surrey)
  4. Me too! It seems to either fizzle out just before us or literally split and go round us! What have we done!!! (Farnham)
  5. Temperatures dropping quickly, no snow still (Farnham, Surrey) Temp -3.4 Dp-5.4
  6. Evening! Just a quick one as I cook dinner! steak, chips, onion rings and coleslaw! still nothing out West! They seem to fizzle out from the east and when it comes from the west!! So glad I’m moving to Scotland this year, We are looking at Aberdeenshire that’s been hit hard!!! At least we had a bit a couple of weeks ago! temp -1 dp 3.8 Farnham, Surrey
  7. I have a small stream at the bottom of the valley we live in, come on! Create me a streamer!!!! (Farnham, Surrey)
  8. Don’t apologise (although it’s appreciated!) although it’s frustrating when it doesn’t happen here, I’m happy for people who are! Xx
  9. Morning everyone! A cold night but now temp 1.7 dp -3 still no snow unfortunately here in Farnham, Surrey, it’s definitely avoiding me! I don’t suppose those blobs are heading our way?? stay safe x
  10. So the temp rose, the dew point dropped! the sun came out and the endless tiny particles stopped falling! hope others managed to see some snow! temp 0.8 dp-3.8 stay safe x (Farnham, Surrey)
  11. Has the wind direction changed??! My blobs are going too far north now!!!! The polystyrene balls have even melted! (Farnham, Surrey)
  12. Anyone else looking out the window hopefully about 500 times a day!?? im getting a neck ache!!!
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