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  1. Hamburg and Copenhagen airports anticipating 50 to 60KT gusts in the Metars. (EDIT, a tad more in Copenhagen now ) METAR: EKCH 281520Z 23045G65KT 9999 -SHRA FEW020TCU BKN040 14/08 Q0980 TEMPO 23045G70KT short-TAF: out of date (43638 hours) long-TAF: EKCH 281428Z 2814/2912 18025G40KT 9999 BKN025 BECMG 2814/2815 23040G55KT TEMPO 2815/2817 24045G75KT BECMG 2817/2819 24025G38KT BECMG 2819/2821 24020KT TEMPO 2821/2912 22018G30KT SHRA SCT020CB 21c in Berlin and 23c in Munich too. I wish
  2. Yes but at this time of year local authorities are skint and UKMO has to take a deep breath before making them spend money they don't have on overtime. UKMO are probably sucking in air now while they watch the upcoming November 03/04 event setting up in the models. Fortunately it appears like that might be it for some time but the European Windstorm season normally kicks off when the Hurricane season ends on 30 November so this pair is a tad early. UKMO did exactly the right thing as the 'bomb' risk for these European Windstorms is around 1 in 3 ( ie explosive deepening at nearly the last moment before landfall , IE from midday sunday HAD it happened when it would have been too late to mobilise preventative measures. )
  3. One of the December 2011 storms got a Scottish name , Hurricane Bawbag they called it. ( Hurricane Scrote in southern dialects). Someone up there took a neat 15 sec video of why one should warn the public in advance about battering slow moving storms...and why it may be to no avail. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U326Vm3XHFg Now had that been Tonbridge Wells with a neat row of near new jag xks and 5 6 and 7 x beemers parked up end to end.
  4. Cyclone Ulli on January 2-3 2012 mainly affected Scotland/ireland where gusts of 100mph + were recorded but the deaths were all in SE England, tragically. UKMO had to warn about Jude as the bomb risk was severe. They will have to warn about this weekends storm too ( likely by weds) and must take the screaming from the gutter press if they are wrong about it.
  5. Nothing like as bad as Ulli in January 2012. Anyone want to predict how bad the Saturday/Sunday November 03/4 follow up event is gonna be??? The meeja can hardly go into chicken licken mode again so soon but this looks not unlike a Jude 2 event at this resolution. Tight southern zone of pretty dry air could give stingjets up the channel ...albeit from France to Holland more likely not Cornwall to Kent.
  6. To be honest this is a stiff breeze but nothing like 1987. First of all the models nowadays do spot potential bomb cyclones a good few days out, If they don't bomb you get a stiff breeze but if they do bomb you get a howler. This one did not bomb. Secondly the Fish storm of 1987 was a bomb, furthermore it struck while the leaves were still on the trees and they were a fatter target. Thirdly the preparation period was a weekend, The local authorities had to be warned early as the staff are normally off on sat/ sun , So the Met Office had to go early on the warning and that upped the 'ominosity' factor. In reality they were out clearing drains all weekend to avoid flooding as we are in peak leaf fall season and preventing spot flooding. So all in all, Met Office had to do it, Met Office were right to call it early, bad or worst case scenario not happening but everyone ( bar the Daily Express ) did the right thing considering. There may be another storm this weekend but as it looks likely to hit Scotland ( with potentially higher winds) the press won't give a damn will they.
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