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  1. Can anyone help me? I need decent records of wind speeds on the 8th and 9th of February this year in Ackworth (Pontefract). This was for during Storm Erik. I've found some wind stations on weather underground, but I'm not sure their recorded speeds are right. Can anyone help?!
  2. Walked through Woodhouse Moor Park in Leeds today at 4.40pm. Well over a hundred people laid on the grass, eating ice-cream, playing guitar, football and catching the sun. Really, really weird but nice - in a 'this is very, very wrong' way. This time last year the max temperature was just 2.6c, yesterday it reached 16.7c. (source Leeds Uni weather station)
  3. A good cm or two here in NW Leeds. Looks like we missed the slightly heavier stuff to the North. Radar clear now.
  4. Fair play to the Met Office. Much more accurate than the BBC so far.
  5. Well with just a few hours before it's due, Met O and BBC at loggerheads in my area. Heavy rain vs. Heavy snow showers. Met O BBC
  6. Too warm to snow at the moment in the Leeds area. Temps above 3c
  7. Not looking great but then I've seen the forecast say that before and we've had snow. Will have to wait and see. Will certainly be pretty chilly and wintry these next few days,especially with the wind chill.
  8. It's that time of the year when you choose the weather depending on which forecast you like the look of most ? Met Office BBC
  9. Going to be bitterly cold next week with the wind chill. MetO showing daytime temps in my part of Leeds barely above freezing and - 6c early doors with the windchill.
  10. Barrelling is down with rain ln Leeds. Miserable night, but not freezing rain as forecast.
  11. I'm outside city centre and it's fine. Wet cold but not slippy. Some freezing rain on my car but went out in trainers and pavements are fine, roads no worries.
  12. First signs of very light rain in NW Leeds. Wind is picking up too.
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