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  1. Light snow near Leeds city centre.
  2. Barrelling is down with rain ln Leeds. Miserable night, but not freezing rain as forecast.
  3. I'm outside city centre and it's fine. Wet cold but not slippy. Some freezing rain on my car but went out in trainers and pavements are fine, roads no worries.
  4. First signs of very light rain in NW Leeds. Wind is picking up too.
  5. Cheers, WYMetro should update their website!
  6. In case you don't know, you can get a bus from the bus station to 5 mins walk of the arena. Numbers 6, 28 and 97. Also a shuttle bus The Leeds CityBus operates a regular service Monday to Saturday daytimes and every 30 minutes Sunday daytime. This bus connects the Arena with the various parts of the city centre including the Bus and Rail stations.
  7. I'm off out this morning to buy my wife some yak trax (we've lost them from last year) as she's really, really scared of falling when there's ice. She loves them and never falls over. Anywhere in Tarn that sells them?
  8. @LeeSnowFanUniversity of Leeds has its own weather station and it's just half a mile up the road from the arena and centre of town https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ILEEDS34#history
  9. Jane Mcdonald concert? I've got tickets for my wife and little one as a birthday present. Better not ruin it even though I'm only 4 miles away!
  10. BBC forecast is now saying heavy snow for Saturday (NW Leeds), Met Office saying sleet snow - both with very cold temperatures and some biting wind.
  11. Leeds University weather station showing just 5mm of rain in the last 40 days and none at all in the last 16 days.
  12. Sun is great but the general warmth level is getting a bit boring. if it rains for a few days Ill be asking where the sun is though
  13. Met Office were correct. Today it's entirely the opposite way round! BBC going for light showers all morning which will turn into heavier showers for the rest of the day and evening. Met Office saying the odd shower this morning then clear for the rest of the day.
  14. Coming down heavy in NW Leeds.