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  1. I've got a similar forecast. I sense the MetO is correct, as they have been all day to be fair to them.
  2. There's a fairly large band of 3 big showers heading through north Yorkshire. Looks like it will miss Leeds and go just north.
  3. LOL @ This tweet "How about correctly forecasting what will happen to the weather as opposed to telling people what’s already happened. “Fore-Cast”. Before......... you just can’t do it. Please retire your whole team."
  4. The radar gives better insight really. It's always interesting in passing to see how the forecast actually turns out.... I dont really expect very much, too showery and quite dry snow. It would need a really heavy sessions to get some accumulations, which is possible, but not county wide imo.
  5. In general they are too showery and the wind is moving the showers on quite quickly so no real time for any accumulations of note. For my part of the world the BBC is still saying plenty of heavy showers, whereas the MetO are going for the occasional one with light now. So far the MetO have had it broadlly correct. BBC Met Office
  6. Park near me had rivers of water running through it this morning, very wet. MetO upgraded my neck of the woods to heavy snow @ 12pm and heavy showers between 1pm and 2pm. BBC says not.
  7. No yellow warning for rain required though. What were they thinking?
  8. Quite why the Met Office haven't changed the yellow warning to rain I don't know. Just driven from Leeds to Pontefract and back and the conditions were horrendous, especially the motorway.
  9. Well it's going to be an ice rink tomorrow morning here in NW Leeds. It's hammering it down with rain and with overnight lows of -3c it won't be much fun on the roads and pavements in the morning.
  10. Currently in my part of NW Leeds for Saturday in to Sunday: BBC 6am - 1pm = Light rain 1pm - 3pm - Sleet 3pm - 6pm = Heavy Snow 6pm - 4am = Light Snow Met Office 8am - 2pm = Heavy Rain 2pm - 5pm = Heavy/Light/Heavy Rain 5pm - 7pm = Heavy Rain/Sleet 7pm - 9am = Light Snow Main difference being the BBC has it a degree colder than the MetO forecast, hence the heavy snow I'd guess....
  11. Also, what's the effect, if any, of that low moving back north with NE or ENE winds blowing off the North Sea?
  12. Can someone educate me as to what these show? I know it's fantasy land, but the poster in the models suggests these are good charts, but to my ignorant untrained eye it looks warmer than the current ones.....?
  13. It could be a bit wild on Sunday with low temperatures a brisk/gusty wind with snow showers. Looking at a 'feels like' temperature of - 7c with wind chill.
  14. Some of that precipitation piling in off the coast would be grand!
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