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  1. Bit of an upgrade for my area - BBC originally said "Odd snow shower" then it went to "Light snow all day" and it's now changed to "Periods of light and heavy snow". Edit: Actually that's for Leeds Bradford Airport.
  2. No game of golf up there that's for sure!
  3. Agreed. Bit sparse at the moment.
  4. Forecast just changed to heavy snow for my location between 6pm and 3am.
  5. Yeah, not looking great at the moment. For Leeds they're just fizzling out into cold/sleety rain. May well be some heavier stuff later, but can't see it amounting to much overall. Forecast was late in getting it right, but has got it spot on.
  6. Leeds heat island meaning taking effect here in the city centre (3.3c). Hopefully better back out towards where I live.
  7. BBC web app forecast flip-flopping more than peoples footwear during a sunny day at the beach.
  8. Clearly marginal and hard to call in my area (NW Leeds @100m) as forecasts on BBC and MetO have been all over the place. Gone from light snow to heavy sleet to heavy snow and now heavy sleet. Leeds Bradford Airport just down the road and up the hill on the other hand is down for a real pasting. Looks like it will be a case of waiting to see what falls out of the sky!
  9. Yellow warning out, although they seem to think its marginal for my area as it's forecast as heavy sleet in the morning before turning to snow later.
  10. I'm in Bramley and it's doing OK! If it were like this all day we'd have a good amount.
  11. Coming down quite heavily in LS12 now.
  12. Snowing fairly heavily in NW Leeds. Not sure it deserved an Amber warning....
  13. Ironically Met Office just added a heavy snow symbol to my area and it's just stopped
  14. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar Enter your postcode and press the zoom button
  15. Actually snowing fairly well here right now. Radar shows it increasing in PPN but not actually moving over us at any great speed.