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  1. Grey and dreary and quite a gusty start to the day here. Am sitting in bed watching the trees blowing in the wind, wishing I had got all the outdoor jobs done yesterday. Yesterday's bright sunshine seems a distant memory. It is amazing how a beautiful spring like day like yesterday has the ability to lift the spirits. All good wishes for you Snowlady for Tuesday. Positive good thoughts for the best of outcomes for you and your family.
  2. Like Tom, just had a flash of lightning and loud rumble of thunder! Made me jump as I wasn't expecting it! Dog went made and cats scattered to all four corners of the house! Now raining fairly heavily. A surprise ending to what has been a fairly decent day here.
  3. Good morning everyone. A lovely, bright and clear start to the day here. A tad chilly at 4.7, but beautiful none the less. What a difference a week makes! Will actually enjoy taking the dog for a walk this morning. Have a good day whatever you are doing.
  4. Well, that was a night that I do not wish to repeat in a hurry. Some of the gusts last night were extremely scary! The house shook on a number of occasions. Haven't yet done an assessment of the damage in the back garden, but the outside light by my front door had the top of it blown off, just about missing my sons car. There are numerous bits of small branches and debris in the road. It has been grey and gusty here with squally rain at times, but the skies are making an effort to brighten. Having just watched the news, I think we may have been fortunate not to sustain greater damage last
  5. Like everywhere else, the gusts are increasing in frequency and intensity here. Have heard bins flying about and just let dog out into the garden for a constitutional and heard a loud bang.Too dark to see what it was. Suspect things will be in a real mess in the morning. One thing in our favour is that it is not raining hard at the moment.
  6. Have just had 10 minutes of torrential rain, hail and squally wind here. No Sky signal - teenager going into meltdown! Think it is time for a large glass of wine.
  7. It's very strange here - it has actually calmed down a bit in th last 15 minutes. The pressure is 992 and the temp is 10,5 which seems high to me. We have had heavy rain for most of the day that has caused a landslide on the railway line between Oxted and Uckfield so there are no trains. The river Uck is now on flood alert again. Fully expecting the situation to worsen in the next few hours.
  8. Rain arrived here some time ago and it is quite breezy. Temp is 5 and the pressure is reading at 1002.9( not sure how accurate my weather station is though) The rain is persistent as well! Not looking forward at all to this evening. We are in for a disturbed nights sleep I think. Hope everyone that is out later gets home safely before the worst of it hits. I have a house full of early 20's as eldest son has invited friends round for a Valentines dinner. Not sure they will get able to eat in the conservatory ( we use it as a dining room) as the noise from the wind and rain will be deafening
  9. Could I just echo others comments and thanks to Tamara for her reasoned and very detailed posts. I am by no means able to decipher charts accurately, and Tamara is extremely kind to offer her thoughts and insights to enable people like myself to learn. The MET office map is very clear that whilst we will all have another 24 hour plus period of intense gusts of wind, the worst will be along the south coast and Tamara has kindly given us the evidence of this on the charts in her post.The rainfall totals will be of great concern for the already over-saturated south east. The area most at risk
  10. Not looking forward to tomorrow at all. With the amber warning now in place, looks like we are all in for another battering again. The high winds worry me most as I have very large conifer trees at the back of my garden and have watched them bending and swaying in yesterday's storm and wondered how they did not go over. They are protected by a water tower behind them, so I hope it does the same tomorrow. I feel desperately sorry for people like Surrey as the torrential rain expected will be the last thing they need.
  11. Hi Jules, That storm passed over really quickly and we are back to sunshine and no wind. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared, so hope it missed you. My poor old lab does not know what to do with himself - he hates thunder and lightning and the howling noise of the wind. So hope we don't have too much more of that today.
  12. Well, this "winter" never fails to delight! We now have thunder and lightning here! Sky is black and wind has got up again. Half an hour ago it was bright sunshine and blue skies! We have had more thunder and lightning this year already than in the whole of last summer. Mad!
  13. Morning all. Started off grey and with rain this morning here and the temperature is a chilly 4.1. Rain has stopped now though. Skies currently grey but thankfully no wind. Not liking the look of tomorrow, but whilst the met have said the winds could gust to 80 in the channel and up to 60 inland they still have us under a yellow warning. I would have thought it should be amber. Am I missing something?
  14. Hi Jules, Just had the flashes of lightning here too! I thought it had calmed down a bit. It is not raining at the moment, so it's really weird!
  15. Wind has really picked up here in the last half hour. It is getting darker, but as yet we don't have any rain. Just waiting for it to arrive. Having just watched the news, It is not looking good at all for the north west and Wales. I hope everyone keeps safe.
  16. Good morning everyone. It ts already raining heavily here and is a chilly 5.3. Having just seen the latest forecast on BBC breakfast , it really is not looking good for our area today. It looks like the heaviest rain and strongest winds will be during the middle part of today, so if you are out and about, take care. Fridays rain looks horrendous too, so I can only assume that the situation is going of get worse over the next couple of days. Stay safe!
  17. It is really miserable here, just like everywhere else. It's been raining heavily since the get go this morning and in the last half hour we have had the odd strong gust of wind. Temp is currently 6.5 . Have had to put all the lamps on just to cheer myself up. Cats are refusing to go out at all today- they have had enough too! Watching the news, I just feel so desperately sorry for all those in the West Country as by the looks of current projections, they are gong to get really hammered again, more so than here. The pictures from the Thames have been awful too. One wonders how long it is
  18. Well done to Jenny Jones for her bronze medal! It was really exciting watching the event - the commentary is hysterical! The only thing that got my sons out of bed this morning - watching girls snowboarding!! Neither of them heard the storm last night, but somehow managed to wake up in time to watch the ladies snowboarding! I think I will be like MK watching the Winter Olympics with a cup of hot chocolate and pretending it's that snowy here. Can't wait for the other snowboarding events and skiing. It has clouded over here and is still very breezy. Temperature has risen to 10.2 so it's
  19. Morning all. Well, slept until 9 this morning which is very unusual as normally animals wake me up before then. We all must have been tired after our "lively" night here last night! The lightning was so bright! Fully expecting sons to say "what storm "when they wake up, as neither moved last night. Oh to have the sleep of the young, where you sleep through nothing short of a bomb going off, and not wake up at the slightest noise like I seem to do! Here it is currently dry, with a bit of brightness and it is currently 8.3. Youngest son is off to Brighton today, have given him a talking to ab
  20. I know Jules. I am thinking about getting up and making a cup of tea as I too am now wide awake! You are right, the wind does seemed to have calmed down a bit in the last 10 minutes. The house is not rattling as much. Those showers were pretty potent though. Let's hope this is the last of it for tonight, or we will need matchsticks to keep our eyes open in the morning!
  21. Woken up by the dog barking and realised that he was barking at almighty flashes of lightning! The wind is really howling too and It's difficult to hear thunder over the noise of the wind. I guess the storm has made it way up inland to me from Sussex Jules! No chance of sleep for a while as cats are now in th bed with me too. Needless to say, no movement from my two sons!
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