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  1. Well I have to say, despite all the doom and gloom in some other threads about lack of snow, I love this weather. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, sunny days, long may it continue.
  2. I have a phobia of wind storms too. It's more common than you'd think. Mine dates back to the 1987 storm. All I look for on the charts is any potential wind storm heading our way.  It makes my stomach churn. 

  3. I can only go by the very scientific method of how much noise the wind was making and based on that it was stronger than St Jude or Xmas eve eve for me. Had a quick check before work and apart from wheelie bins on their side all seems intact.
  4. If the low is in the Bristol Channel and 9 hours later is in Cardigan Bay it has moved NW not NE?
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