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  1. As for the next four days, not much to discuss, winter is coming and it will be cold, and snowy for some Just a once in thirty year pattern about to gridlock the country.......Lets get to the breakdown asap Ridiculous
  2. The other day we had The A Team smoking Cigars and now we have little acorns......seriously
  3. Classic seasoned netweather poster..... when the Siberian express is getting out of control apply the brakes a tad and when it gets unbearably grumpy ramp the cold. Manages / heightens expectations and keeps the traffic moving. Smoothly
  4. Steve Murr s 72 hours for this winters signature pattern is almost upon us.... should be interesting give the latest from GFS..... suspect it’ll be quietly ditched
  5. Complete misconception regarding lowland areas of Scotland ie the most densely populated central belt....but hey, weather warnings for severe weather which covers almost 36 hours and probably involves all manner of chaos is not worth the mention,even is this particular pattern was described as rare as hens gold teeth not more than three days ago..... which incidentally equates to roughly 34 years as this was the last time such a westerly pattern delivered for parts of the UK. Hardly meaningless from the North, is it.
  6. With the modelled cold N Westerly and the easterly farce just about done-how about a good film recommendation for Monsignor Nick Sussex of Lourdes for his continued endeavour and good grace Doctor Nogloves (How I learned to stop worrying and love the snow bomb)
  7. Here here. 1984 I think delivered cold Westerly winds which packed plenty of snow into North West. Way too much emphasis on the easterly
  8. Sometimes it feels like your trolling the thread......gonnae wheesh’d
  9. Given the latest ECM 10 day chart and the debate over the last few days regarding the easterly, thought it might be fun to assess the mood of the forum. What would ye rather, A . Crewe Gold coming out from a barrel full of tits sucking his thumb. B. Steve Murr manfully attempting to put lipstick on a pig. Dont have to clog the thread up with detailed explanations, simply put A or B at the bottom of yer post and the info will be collated into two groups. A.Realists/ Pragmatists/Naysayers/ Told you so Narrators. B.Idealists/Romantics/ Dreamers/ Winter Poet Warriors. Thanks in advance.
  10. Regarding the Infantile Polar Vortex Schtick. Imagine yer football club were in the Chamions league ( appreciate that’s difficult for most of ye ) and facing Messi home and away........”see that Messi he always scores really important goals”.........utterly predictable and idioticly futile complaining about it.
  11. Cmon Frosty, don't let them get ye down. You can do much better than this... especially when the models are on the cusp of delivering something you and the forum have been chasing for long time.....a gold standard wintry blast
  12. How big is the envelope for wk2 wk3 etc for the colder pattern now. Has it shrunk from a healthy and robust A5 to bog standard size, or are has the post been cancelled. Or maybe metaphors about envelopes need to be confined to the. shredder as there initial ambiguity, rendered them completely useless.
  13. Wish it were true Frosty, but it'll be gone as quick as it came, and then rearrange the following words into a popular expression, gun, mild, looking and barrel
  14. Stating the obvious and completely missing the point. The reason so many invest in the time of model watching is wishing for snow, so conversely we don't wish for zonal weather.The zonal pattern reset is the worse possible outcome whilst hoping for a cold pattern to develop
  15. Hope those touting the zonal pattern reset are happy. The GFS 12z are utterly horrible for the holiday period and will have a few crying into their cornflakes for long after the festivities have stopped