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  1. Cmon Frosty, don't let them get ye down. You can do much better than this... especially when the models are on the cusp of delivering something you and the forum have been chasing for long time.....a gold standard wintry blast
  2. How big is the envelope for wk2 wk3 etc for the colder pattern now. Has it shrunk from a healthy and robust A5 to bog standard size, or are has the post been cancelled. Or maybe metaphors about envelopes need to be confined to the. shredder as there initial ambiguity, rendered them completely useless.
  3. Wish it were true Frosty, but it'll be gone as quick as it came, and then rearrange the following words into a popular expression, gun, mild, looking and barrel
  4. Stating the obvious and completely missing the point. The reason so many invest in the time of model watching is wishing for snow, so conversely we don't wish for zonal weather.The zonal pattern reset is the worse possible outcome whilst hoping for a cold pattern to develop
  5. Hope those touting the zonal pattern reset are happy. The GFS 12z are utterly horrible for the holiday period and will have a few crying into their cornflakes for long after the festivities have stopped
  6. Suspect if that 10 day chart verifies you may spent a considerable amount of time discussion yer much hated " mid mush", Frosty. Be very careful what ye wish for.
  7. And absolutely miserable for West central Scotland caught in the firing line of sleet and gales.....whilst trying to navigate X day visits. Also,can only lead to misery in here shortly aftward, with the usual 16 mean charts indicating let's see what 4 weeks hence brings. Not good
  8. Good news that ye seem to be optimistic for the Genoa Low, giving us a shot at a cold pattern...... I was in Lourdes many years ago.....my soul wasn't saved but the coffee was great:-))
  9. Three posts up by the seasoned and erudite Saint Nick of Lourdes
  10. Stupid question, but when are GLOSEA expecting to arrive at neg NAO in order to make the sharp depature
  11. Yeh, Steve snap out of it man. Why not join with GP and find a route to cold instead of sounding like IDO. Come on, ye know ye want to
  12. I had a cold member until a couple of days ago :$
  13. What about the day 16 charts posted this morning. I take it that is different
  14. Model Output Discussions 12z 30/11/16

    I seem to remember Dec 2012 something very akin to what's happening now. At that time there seemed to arguments regarding short wave spoilers on one hand and the atmospheric long wave pattern not being conducive to a cold pattern on the other hand.Well, after all that's been posted about a favourable hemispheric pattern in the last two months it's refreshing to see nothing has changed in that talk of a cold pattern can disappear quicker than snow of a dyke