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  1. Final tally here at Silver Hill Salehurst near Robertsbridge was 3-4 inches. Elevation 105m
  2. getting on for 4 hours non stop moderate to heavy snow here at Silver Hill Salehurst East Sussex. 3 inches on top of what was left of last nights slushy inch. so a much bigger event here now than last night. 105m asl
  3. Despite the radar saying rain it has been heavy snow here since 6pm and everything is white albeit a slushy covering where it has been wet, We have some elevation at around 105m at silver hill near Salehurst. Unexpected bonus.
  4. Here at Salehurst near Robertsbridge East Sussex the radar says rain but it is in fact heavy settling snow. Very large flakes. We are 105m asl. H
  5. The heavy patch that just went through Robertsbridge gave more snow than the "main event" yesterday. Everything suddenly white. Snowing less heavily but moderately here at Silver Hill near Salehurst.
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