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  1. The Post-modern Winter

    North West England Regional Weather Discussion - 09/12/2017 Onwards

    It is indeed all snow up here on Hope Mountain
  2. The Post-modern Winter

    Autumn 2016

    From Ian Ferguson in the ENSO thread - in reference to the ECM monthly . .
  3. The Post-modern Winter

    Model output discussion - 16th Nov onwards

    Best inform the Met to shut down Glosea5 for the winter Ian - Peter H has bad vibes and Cpb gets the impression that it's tentative signs for December are way off.
  4. The Post-modern Winter

    Wales - Weather Chat

    You don't half moan mate - I'm about 7/8 miles from you and we've just had a weather warning issued for this evening/tomorrow and periods of heavy snow/light snow for almost 24 hours starting at 19:00 (via MO). Admittedly you might be a little more marginal than me but what you've stated has no truth in it. About 10 o'clock this morning I woke up to snow falling for a good 15 minutes as you can see below. Cheer up.
  5. The Post-modern Winter

    Model Output Discussion - 23rd Jan - 12z onwards

    Can you hear that BA?? Wait, Just listen. . I think it's the sound of something going over your head. I mean seriously, my reference to IDO PM'ing me is an obvious indicator of a little jesting. .
  6. The Post-modern Winter

    Model Output Discussion - 23rd Jan - 12z onwards

    Not feeling that chart - IDO Pm'd me the 16 day mean for January 14th 1963 and it's showing a strongly westerly flow from a dominant Atlantic
  7. The Post-modern Winter

    Model Output Discussion - 23rd Jan - 12z onwards

    Glad to see we're all on the same page. .
  8. The Post-modern Winter

    Wales - Weather Chat

    My area following on from 5 hours of heavy snowfall on the Tuesday evening. . Please don't change. .
  9. The Post-modern Winter

    Wales - Weather Chat

    Just took the dogs for a walk on the land - met with some beefy snow showers. Nice wintry picture up here.
  10. The Post-modern Winter

    Boxing Day Snow Event Thoughts And Reports.

    Very heavy snow sticking on all surfaces, including the very wet ground. Met office forecasting heavy snow here until 3 o'clock tomorrow morning.
  11. The Post-modern Winter

    Model Output Discussion - The final stretch to Christmas

    Think a few posters are confusing their Christmas day associations - it's a time for elves, not trolls.I genuinely feel sorry for those on Christmas day, whose first port of call is to come revel in some schadenfreude on netweather. I sincerely hope they get a little more happiness and positive focus in their lives over the next year. Merry Christmas to one and all.
  12. The Post-modern Winter

    Model Output Discussion - The Run In To Christmas

    @MattHugo81: Consistent signs for the strat vortex to become increasingly elongated & eventually split by early 2015 #OneToWatch http://t.co/nurhvHq1qYMmm . . Matt Hugo with a chart to back it up or terrier's usual non-supported claims repeated as an absolute truth? Who to believe guys? (In no way am I saying that Matt is correct but terrier's assertion that "we can forget about a SSW" and "that the polar vortex will strengthen now" jarrs massively with Matt's backed up claim).