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  1. That seems to have been there for hours, but never seems to make it beyond Peterborough.
  2. I know what you mean. It can be frustrating at times. Entertainment too though 😂. It's funnier than the Daily Express. Here, we've gone from getting over 10cm , to Virtually nothing in a very short time. Two of the worst things you can read is, 'reliable time frame', and 'nailed on'. Once you see that, it's usually game over 😞
  3. Both the Met app, and the BBC forecast seem to have hugely reduced the amount, and duration of snowfall for the Midlands.
  4. Well , we'll soon find out. I'll be amazed if we got more than the other week.
  5. Be interesting to see if we get as much this time , as we did weekend before last. Near Kettering.
  6. For my location in northants, the met office app has two hours of rain or sleet for Saturday, the rest of the day dry. Sunday, dry all day .🤔
  7. Was there much snowfall yesterday in Shropshire and worcestershire? Just thinking about melt, and river levels further down towards Tewkesbury and Gloucester.
  8. Probably as heavy now as it's been all day in Kettering
  9. I thought it was supposed the be 10c on Wednesday and Thursday....🤔
  10. It's arrived , finally, just south of Kettering😀
  11. Just south of Kettering. Nothing here despite what the radar is saying.
  12. We had a shower near Kettering yesterday, that turned everything white within about three minutes 😀
  13. I'm in Northants. At the moment, Met office app has zero precip for my location tomorrow. 🤔
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