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  1. My location in northants is also cloudy so far. Met Office, last time I checked, had zero sunshine for here on Wednesday, with a high of 30c.
  2. Slow start here in northants. Very misty.
  3. Yes, it should, if anything, be average, and it probably will be :). Can't remember who said nailed on, but it was definitely used in the mod thread yesterday, more than once I think.
  4. Should be warm, but it should be warm in the last week of June . Probably nothing special, once people started saying the words 'nailed on' yesterday. Why do people say that about weather that's a week away?!?
  5. Anybody able to give me a Dorset coast weather forecast for 11th to 19th of August?
  6. I don't agree with them, but you can see how 37 gets predicted when you're starting the day like that!
  7. No. We've still had nothing. Not even looked like it.
  8. Is there a way to find out the last rainfall? I've lost track! Kettering area.
  9. I've been wondering about the humidity. It's been quite low so far. Or at least it's felt low to me. Is this likely to increase over the coming few days?
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