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  1. Are they you're own figures? If not, where from please? I'm in northants, and it's definitely gusty , especially by our standards!
  2. My location in northants is also cloudy so far. Met Office, last time I checked, had zero sunshine for here on Wednesday, with a high of 30c.
  3. Yes, it should, if anything, be average, and it probably will be :). Can't remember who said nailed on, but it was definitely used in the mod thread yesterday, more than once I think.
  4. Should be warm, but it should be warm in the last week of June . Probably nothing special, once people started saying the words 'nailed on' yesterday. Why do people say that about weather that's a week away?!?
  5. Anybody able to give me a Dorset coast weather forecast for 11th to 19th of August?
  6. I don't agree with them, but you can see how 37 gets predicted when you're starting the day like that!
  7. No. We've still had nothing. Not even looked like it.
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