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  1. There does seem to be a re-intensification of showers going on now. It's hard to say how long it will last, but it'd be good if some of them made it down to Exeter! That's certainly the direction many are heading, it's whether they sustain this energy that's less certain
  2. Torrential rain in Exeter and frequent flashes of lightning now!
  3. Very heavy rain now with huge droplets, the thunder is nearly continuous now
  4. Thunder getting louder and more frequent here in Exeter! Exciting!
  5. It's really intensifying on the radar along the coast of East Devon, so hopefully we'll get some more heavy snow in Exeter! Falling moderately with beautiful fluffy flakes currently
  6. Heavy snow back in Exeter, large flakes so we might squeeze another couple of centimetres out of this, possibly more with all the lighter stuff behind it
  7. The last few weeks have totally skewed my concept of what constitutes heavy, moderate and light snowfall, but I'd probably describe the snowfall in Exeter as moderate at the moment. Still steady and the radar looks good for us for a little while yet
  8. Not as heavy in Exeter now, but still falling thick and fast! Looks like we have about 10cm on cars, with 15cm on the grass
  9. Looks amazing out there! Most of what you can see is fresh snow from the past hour
  10. It's very heavy here, though I notice that we're not even under the most intense area of precipitation yet, so that should be interesting! Seems to be intensifying over East Devon as it pivots westward
  11. Surface temperatures are dropping just enough for previously melted roofs to have snow settle, and parts of the road and pavement are starting to go white now
  12. Really piling up on cars and snow covered surfaces, but the strength of the wind is causing any that lands on the pavement or road to be scuttled along into little drifts
  13. Heavy snowfall in Exeter. Gradually getting better at sticking to the pavements too
  14. It is coming from the east, but it's building from the channel, hence the development over France. It's an area of circulation that is very slow moving but bringing heavy precipitation. It's intensifying as it moves west
  15. Yes the Met Office has us down for 11 hours of heavy snow from 9am! I am assuming this is on account of how slow moving the system is
  16. Looking forward to the heavier stuff arriving here in soon. For a brief moment I woke up and thought 'oh no' and then looked at the radar which put me to rights!
  17. As many have already pointed out, that's because the ground temperature isn't quite low enough yet, but it will get there. Once the heavier precipitation arrives (currently around IOW), it'll be much easier for it to settle.
  18. Snow picking up in Exeter as a more intense area of precip heads towards us. Small flakes but readily settling on most (if not all) surfaces by the looks of it
  19. A bit of a lull here, but precipitation appears to be building nicely to the north east as it creeps towards us
  20. For those worrying about this being a non event, the event hasn't actually happened yet... the amber warning is for tomorrow!
  21. Something I've noticed here in Exeter - any melted snow from earlier has now frozen on most surfaces, and a lot of the snow that's falling disappears between showers. That is not to say that it melts, but it appears to sublime (where it changes state instantly from solid to gas). Is it possible that this could be happening with low dewpoints and very dry snow? I can't see much evidence of dampness where the snow was. Though it does seem to be remaining in certain places more than others.
  22. This is forecast to be rain, however a friend at the Met Office has told me that it is uncertain as to how quickly the risk of snow reduces between tonight and tomorrow. The wind is still ENE meaning that its track is over land for much of the SW. Plus, we have a very cold, stable boundary layer and lying snow. This will mean the mild air will have a fight on its hands over the next 12 hours or so. It will win, but how quickly is what we're interested in! I suspect rain is more likely for many of us, but everyone should keep an eye on the lamp posts as precipitation passes over on the radar, j
  23. Still snowing in western Exeter. There was a bit of a lull but it's now picked up again and quite fine powdery snow by the looks of it too
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