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  1. Yes I managed a rough cut of grass the other week as it was so long but doing any gardening is out of the question. Dog walks in the fields is just a quagmire of mud and drowned grass.
  2. Another day with rain. Depressing how much we have had the past few months.
  3. Looks like flooding will be a concern here by the end of the week. Waterlogged in a lot of fields now.
  4. The problem I have is my best waterproof is a thick coat, so I have been wearing that but also sweating at the same time as it is muggy.
  5. Getting sick of the daily rain now. Not been able to cut the lawn in two weeks and it's shot up but never enough space between rain to dry out. Pouring again and looks set for the night.
  6. Torrential all afternoon in Birmingham. The system just keeps spinning, though it seems to be further north now. The street lights were on about 4pm it's been that dark!
  7. Awful couple of days. And people are loving the return to this weather and the rained off festivals and events etc. Couldn't even have our family BBQ today. Mind boggles why people enjoy days like today in high summer.
  8. Little gutted we haven't so far seen a clear 39C. So close it may seem.
  9. Forecast seemed to be around 33-34 for most of the Midlands, but I noticed Met Office going for 35, so will be interesting locally to see what records go.
  10. Does anyone know the record high for Birmingham? Be good to see records tumble across the Mids tomorrow.
  11. There were some very strong gusts when the first cell came through Stoke. Exceptionally so I'd so but nothing to measure.
  12. My alarm was set for 04.30. I may go into work later now instead!
  13. Best since i moved here probably. For constant CC lightning anyway. The winds went mental too for about ten minutes. Very much reminded me of the storms I experienced in Maldives, Mexico and Dominican Republic.
  14. Do we have a part two to come? First lots moved off. I sense more coming.
  15. Not seen this since I moved here ten years ago. Last time would be when I was a child in Birmingham during the 90s.
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