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  1. Think we are at 32. It's quite nice though as it feels less humid than previous heatwaves like this with a stiff breeze (though it's a hot one!).
  2. I was walking in Cannock Chase and it was largely sunny but didn't feel overly warm which is fine when tackling 15 miles. Not a drop of rain either and most paths have dried up well after the poor week. Today was great too, warmer and sunny all day.
  3. It's been a rotten three days. Dire stuff. So dark every day! The only flipside is that it's a working weekday for me and hopefully the weekend is better
  4. Bit of a bust on these thunderstorms then. Made up by being another nice day and a cooler evening but not cool enough to require a jacket for a late evening walk! Tomorrow could be a shock.
  5. Can feel those UV levels today, even out for 30 mins with no cream on I could feel my arms starting to turn.
  6. Been for a lovely drive tonight in the Warwickshire countryside enjoying the sunset. Sat outside now with a cold beer as its cooler out than in!
  7. It does feel more of a dry heat to me this week as opposed to the humidity last week when the sun did pop out, but I'm ready people think its humid. Also there was dew on the grass last night and it felt cooler which makes me think it is a dry heat source. Certainly no clouds in the sky today, more tomorrow. Working from home in the heat is tough though!
  8. Today is not quite as forecast had some heavy showers. The last three days forecast has been wrong!
  9. Yes it was insane, I've only seen rain like that in a Houston TX storm before. I was driving down the Stratford Road and there were waves of water, it just collected incredibly quickly. Thats two evenings on the trot driving through biblical rain but tonights was heavier. Because of the rain it meant it was hard to distinguish the thunder and lightning as it was blinding. Even parked up waiting to get out at home I couldn't see a thing. Had to wait about 20 mins to even get out.
  10. Make the most if it, I feel these type of weeks only happen every few Junes.
  11. Nice storm for the Midlands, intense rainfall rates but with such heavy rain it muffles the thunder more so it wasn't quite as impressive as yesterday.
  12. Gah, I missed out by a few weeks. At least I had Saturdays and tonight's here in Solihull to entertain, otherwise I would be miffed.
  13. Back edge of the Birmingham storm. It lasted from about 6.30 until 8, so a decent length. I wish we had these set-ups more often each Summer. The constant deep rumbles were impressive and matched the Stoke May storm which was very localised for me in intensity. Now peaks of sun as it goes down, perfect end. Only wish the murk earlier could have cleared quicker.
  14. It just continues to rumble in Solihull with no let up. Nothing spectacular on ground level but up high it's having a party.
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