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  1. Clouded over here in Crewe with thick cloud which seemingly came from no where. Shame just as the BBQ was fired up.
  2. Very lucky to dodge any showers all day in Nantwich whilst out walking. It was also the first warm day in ages where a t shirt was sufficient. Threatened to rain this evening but so far dry
  3. Quite the shower passing over in Crewe, heavy rain and hail and it's been torrential for a good 20 minutes.
  4. I think we've had falling snow each month since at least November last year, which is mightly impressive.
  5. A heavy graupel shower passing through Quinton right now.
  6. A real big shelf cloud across Crewe, so dark and threatening. Some hail but nothing spectacular, expected a few flashes.
  7. Another frost this morning (lost track of how many in a row that is now!). The perk of these is the beautiful clear skys we've been having even if it only feels warm in the sun. Better than rain surely?
  8. We've had it all today, snow this morning which settled, then bright sun and it felt actually nicely warm in it and then tonight graupel and hail showers some of which have been heavy.
  9. Snow here and settling on the grass! Can't remember settling snow in April before!
  10. Shower activity has ramped up today. No coverings here but of course nice to see snow this late in the season.
  11. Shorts and t-shirt yesterday to wearing a hoody, thick coat, hat and scarf today. I was frozen and I think more than I should have been but probably due to the severe contrast to yesterdays weather. I've known some notable cold fronts but I think the drop we experienced combined with the cold wind is quite something.
  12. It feels warm, but not quite as warm as I'd expect. I think the humidity is fairly low compared to last weekend when the sun came out and it felt sticky. But a day to enjoy and crack open the BBQ.
  13. Just typical winter fare. I'm surprised it wasn't named but we don't have an amber. And impact wise most people aren't travelling around (though schools will in the morning). Anyway I'm enjoying listening to the roar outside and it's actually not raining here.
  14. I also tend to look away when there are no extremes of weather, so I'll go back in my box now. It feels raw today though with the wind and rain even if its above 0c for the first time in a while. Most patches of snow and ice have now thawed except the thickest spots.
  15. Feels more bitter today with a lack of sun. Wind is stronger too and air temp still -1c.
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