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  1. Its still snowing here, decent sized flakes coming down now and have been for about 30mins so far. Looking good.
  2. light covering of snow in the alpine regions of Northamptonshire but not enough to open the ski slopes....
  3. Yep, hope it snows all night long but forecast is for 1 hour or so??
  4. Im in northamptonshire, nothing coming down as yet and nothing before the nothing.
  5. Had lightning in Northants about 3-4am onwards for almost an hour, I wasn't there but my cameras picked it up, so possibly what you guys in S.Yorks are getting is what was there earlier.
  6. Looks like a nice light show in harrow from a video a mate sent over.
  7. Hmmmm ok that's not good. I may go back as it doesn't look like a short lived evening either. Anyone in northants that can confirm?
  8. How is northants doing is it bad there? Thinking of maybe going back if it's a bad one or bad night ahead. Thanks
  9. Lightning again in east northants for second night in a row - can't remember the last time that happened. I'm not there bug CCTV picking it up again.
  10. This is pretty good webcam of any activity in London any better ones?
  11. Family live not too far from here (NYM), looks pretty good up there, check out this HD webcam with lights! https://www.nymr.co.uk/live-webcam
  12. Same as Isabells above, which one do you pay heed to? is there any possibility of snow in MK / M1 this week as I'm travelling a lot and would rather avoid the carnage if possible! I thought it was pretty much confined to the east now. Thanks
  13. I don't post here much as my knowledge is far below most here but I do read a lot, just wanted to thank everybody for what is sometimes near real time / continuous analysis, its a really interesting and informative read. It looks like as is always the case the Midlands where Bedford / Northants / MK exists inland is going to miss the brunt of the snow (whatever amount that may be), there appears to be a narrow no snow strip which covers all of this area. Typical! Also if you look at BBC Weather it shows next to no snow and very low confidence pretty much all week.
  14. Thanks - got to drive to Luton at 6.30am tomorrow, may or may not get a surprise in the morning!
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