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  1. Storm just arrived here. Not as intense as Monday’s storm. Still very humid.
  2. Well that was a storm to remember! Continuous lightning for 5 hours and then thunder. As for the rain roads and some houses in our village flooded. Wonder what tonight will bring?
  3. Wow! Constant lightning and rumbles of thunder. IMG_2321.MOV
  4. Yes, we had those few flakes too! I can see some blue sky now. This is really disappointing but fingers crossed for later tonight
  5. We got those awful lights a couple of years ago, can't see a thing but mind you, there hasn't been much snow to see! If we get snow I'll have to use the back security light which will mean either going outside to get the light on or letting the cats out
  6. Thanks SparkleS. I'm in Tarleton which is between Southport and Preston. Still quite windy today but nothing like what happened yesterday. My bird table is in pieces! Hey ho, could have been worse.
  7. SparkleS we certainly got hit with something around 3pm Friday. I'm not far from you, I've never heard anything like it. Got the sheet of mist and then a sudden whoosh! I thought the roof had come off! Both cats who were fast asleep bolted, three fence panels in pieces, outside Christmas lights blew off, branches off trees,Christmas wreath on my door I found down the road but the chap next door hasn't found his garden seat yet and as for my garden santa and snowman, they are completely traumatised!
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