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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Yep, I'm surprised by the ferocity of the gusts here. Took a jaunt into a nearby field earlier, breathtaking, literally!
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    I wonder if any delay (?) transitioning from a hurricane to post-tropical cyclone might actually reduce the size of the wind field. I'm no expert but a google search brings up some interesting results. Maybe there's still some significant doubt at the met-office regarding widespread damaging gusts.
  3. I wouldn't know mate, has been going on for about 30 mins now, sometime before the Swansea cells started to kick off
  4. Wow they must have some seriously high tops then
  5. Really spooky distant lightning to the south still. Managed to get a screen grab. Doesn't seem to originate from anything on radar.
  6. Still more distant flashes to the south of me but nothing on the radar, fascinating stuff
  7. That's weird, our little storm has passed to the north but can still make out distant lightning to the south (nothing on radar??). Could it be elevated, zero precipitation lightning?
  8. Yup, going mental again currently
  9. The back building of the storm near Falmouth is quite amazing, doesn't look close to finishing either.
  10. Ooof, some boat owners might be a bit miffed come tomorrow. http://www.camsecure.co.uk/st_anthony_webcam.html
  11. Random cell just appeared west of Swansea.
  12. Here's hoping that Plymouth monster doesn't split and continues its path northwards .....(TMBY)