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  1. Has the potential for snow shifted further North these last few runs or am I reading it completely wrong !?!? Only a few days ago North midlands didn’t really come into the reckoning but the last few runs maybe taken this to more northern areas ? please correct me if I’m completely wrong !
  2. Maybe I’m seeing wrongly but my area - North Nottinghamshire seems to be the missing out area !!
  3. Looking at the charts I can't see the north Midlands being affected at all this evening any thoughts ?
  4. How far north is it showing ? We had very little yesterday and last night apart from the wind here in north Nottinghamshire
  5. So any indications yet as to how far north this system may reach before heading off west ? feeling north Nottinghamshire may be just too far north
  6. Does this low system seem to be a lot further east than originally predicted or am I miss reading the charts ?!?!?
  7. Was just going to mention that too and see opinions of others seems to be a lot further east than was predicted ??
  8. What's it looking like for north Nottinghamshire today and tomorrow? struggling to work these latest charts as to how far north and east the event goes
  9. Overnight approx 4 inches in north nottinghamshire totally unexpected !! so who to go with today ? Met office app has snow on and off all day BBC app as nothing all day
  10. So North Nottinghamshire may yet still see snowy activity tomorrow / Friday despite what the Met and BBC apps are currently saying ??
  11. Looking like North Nottinghamshire missing out yet again apart from last nights slight dusting unless serious adjustments to the weather system any views on the frontal snow reaching this far north tomorrow or Friday ?
  12. Met office app now as ( North Nottinghamshire ) no snow what so ever for Friday !!!
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