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  1. Has anyone on here got memories of the very heavy snow of late April 1981.

    Not sure of the date although i do remember the event, certainly in our locality quite vividly.

    The week before had been mainly spring like with warm and sunny weather over much of the period.

    The Thursday night was still very mild with no suggestion, certainly to me who at 19 took little interest in weather forecasts that anything different was on its way.

    However Friday morning dawned with steady snow; nothing unusual really as most Aprils produce snow at our altitude but the difference here was that it carried on all day increasing in intensity so that by evening we had around 10 inches of wet, although blowing snow.

    I assume that it carried on throughout the night as it was still snowing heavily as i made my way to work on the Saturday morning only to be turned around at the factory as the snow which by this time was around 18 inches deep had brought power lines down.

    If my memory is correct it snowed lightly until around lunchtime on the Saturday after which the clouds cleared, a strong sun came out and a very rapid thaw commenced.

    Within 3 days we were back to spring like temperatures although our house was looking for a new trough as the weight of snow had brought the old one down.

    One of the most amazing aspects of this event was that my sister was due to leave hospital on the Saturday morning after giving birth to her second child down the valley at Bury.

    I was going to pick her up at around 11am but rang to tell her that all roads out of town were blocked by snow.

    She thought I was extracting the urine as there was a gardener mowing grass outside the window of her ward.

    It's amazing what 10 miles and more particularly 500 feet altitude does for snow chances.

    What I am unsure of is whether this was purely a Pennine event or was it spread wider.

    Any further memories would be appreciated.

    Remember it very well. I moved from Cheltenham to Taunton - and the day I left Cheltenham there was about 8 inches of snow but as we moved South it slowly turned to sleet and then rain by the time reached Taunton. If my memory serves me right it had snowed for a couple of days almost non-stop in Cheltenham and whilst the bottom layer was melting the snow was so heavy that the depth still built up.

    They don't make them like that anymore!


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