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  1. Distant thunder then just seen first flash of lightning at Blackborough
  2. Just counted 14 lightning flashes in 120 seconds ..... expected that this morning ..... not now!
  3. Good storm (not intense but prolonged) - rumbles from 7.30pm in the distance and within a mile of for over half an hour in Blackborough this evening
  4. That's right - Taunton is only 19 miles away as the crow fly's (perhaps a tad further if the crow is flying through snow!).

    We had freezing drizzle followed by light but steady snow most of the morning and half the afternoon.

  5. Your not too far from the Somerset border then? Snow today (tues) or rather hard grains of ice! You?

  6. I live on the Blackdown Hills in Blackborough - beutiful views! Did you have the snow yesterday?

  7. I moved here from Windermere,so the quantocks look like babies to me! Where abouts in Devon are you?

  8. hello! can see the quantocks from my cottage on the Blackdowns hills and have fond memories of travelling to them on cold days when I lived in Taunton

  9. Remember it very well. I moved from Cheltenham to Taunton - and the day I left Cheltenham there was about 8 inches of snow but as we moved South it slowly turned to sleet and then rain by the time reached Taunton. If my memory serves me right it had snowed for a couple of days almost non-stop in Cheltenham and whilst the bottom layer was melting the snow was so heavy that the depth still built up. They don't make them like that anymore! dl
  10. devon lad

    Snowfall Early 2009

    February 5th 2009
  11. Incidently ..... don't buy the further outlook from the METO. It's not particularly good unless the bleeding obvious is about to occur. After a week .... it's fairly meaningless. dl
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