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  1. To me down in Oxford it's been best winter for years lost count of frosts cold days,ok Snow has been limited yes a few flakes today.But on the whole best since we had 8" of snow few years back. Prefer these days to wet & windy mild yuk keep it and the only thing lacking is 4/6 inches of Snow and as usual that might be around march or Easter as usual.
  2. Had more frosts than last year here if it helps but you all know come easter will be cold with snow showers etc as per normal and will kill off my marigold tree as usual each year.
  3. Was scraping my windscreen tuesday morning definate frost Boars hill forgot about getting my deicer out.
  4. so with so called winter nearly over is the snow cup being chaNged for rain? which would be more fair as even florida beats us for snow being recorded.This would be my first year i can remember for not one snowflake.Unless it's going to be the spring cup as it more looks like spring again for snow....
  5. You know our winter is so bad when you see parts of florida have snow before many of us AND IT'S NEARLY MARCH
  6. I loved Sky News explanation of what has caused the Rains over the last few weeks 20 secs of rubbish
  7. As sure it will be a cold spring as usual after this poor winter same as last year....
  8. Plenty of water in oxford looks to be rising again even all my gardens now have lying water..
  9. Well if i don't get any snow soon my xmas lights will stay up and lit till next winter as i said to my wife and kids it stays till snow .
  10. IT WOULD BE interesting to see how little sunlight we are having to me it has been the more rain/wind/dullnest i can remember for some years i can see why some people go their GP's about winter syndrum.Before long i can see the tree huggers/greenpeace going on about GLOBAL WARMING
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