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  1. As I have to travel to Gatwick overnight on Wednesday 23rd as I’m off to Tunisia on holiday, can we get to at least 6am without snow please that day? I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting drive.....
  2. philglossop

    The onset of the severe wintry spell of Jan.1987

    It was also bad here, my Nan was alive in and living in Newton Ferrers but she was cut off for several days, as the amount of snow caught Devon County Council out. You couldn’t get a gritter or snowplough out between Yealmpton and Newton. The back road was closed for about 10 days. Utterly magical the snow drifts It was also grim in Plymouth, we had days with no school and we kids in my road had a blast, using a long piece of kitchen countertop as a sledge as I lived on a hill! There were snow drifts up on Dartmoor until April as I recall!
  3. I’m guessing that was a squal line at 4am. Woke me up it was raining that hard
  4. It’s only 5 minutes here, but mornings we’ll loose another 25 minutes (748am this morning out to 8:14 by shortest day) We continue to eek out till Boxing Day at 8:16am - but we’ll start to improve both ends from 2nd January
  5. Couple of rumbles of thunder from a cell which is over Plympton/Ivybridge way. Nice start to a Monday
  6. It’s a been a good Autumn, whilst the portable gas fire has been on most evenings and for an hour before work, since the 30th and pay day it’s not been on more than 1 bar out of possible 3. Given the gas bottle price has jumped up to £40 a time this pleases me greatly but I know come Deep midwinter it’ll be a bottle every 4 weeks compared to every 6/7 as it is at the moment!
  7. It’s evil outside and has been since 1530hrs across Plymouth. Took an hr to get home 2 miles! Traffic is solid on A38 from Marsh Mills to Tamar Bridge. All main roads across City are gridlocked. Thank goodness for Lamb Hotpot in the slow cooker
  8. philglossop

    9th November Possible Storm

    It’s evil here in Plymouth. Roads gridlocked (75 mins from Marsh Mills to Tamar Bridge), flooding everywhere and we’ve been pulled off streets for safety. Normal 15 mins drive home took an hour. And not a very safe one at that