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  1. Think we’ll miss out here in Plymouth but by the heck it’s muggy and hard work in this heat. Shirt sticking to me hot 🥵
  2. Agreed that Azores High ridging in has been appearing for days and has been largely overlooked because of the plume. That’s going to be the big story of early July by the looks of things- nice settled weather with temps in low 20s. Suits me
  3. I’ve been lucky- in that I’ve been in Zante on holiday since the 2nd. I rang home this morning to be told my parents had the central heating on in Plymouth and yesterday Dads weather station recorded 12.3 as a maximum. I couldn’t believe it till I looked on here- you guys have had a dreadful 12 days.
  4. Greetings from sunny Zakynthos. May here was the worst May for many many years according to the locals but we’re getting the benefit of the weather pattern here now, in fact the temperatures are just racing up day on day. Forecast high today is a 36c and then staying firmly in the 30s. Whilst it’s great and lovely etc , this could be a record breaking June here- and there’s a little talk of temps jumping into the high 30s towards the end of next week. For us Brits it’s tough going- but plenty of water and shade and we’ll survive! Gather it’s grim on the model front then?
  5. As I’m a bit ‘ahem’ older, the weather pattern of a dry spell appears to be following the same pattern as 1975. Last Summer could have hit the high point but didn’t. This winter has been dry like the winter of 75/76 according to family therefore if (and it’s a big if!) it follows like for like then we could be on for a belter of a Summer. Lets face it- August can’t be poor again this year? It’ll be good in June (following on that if I’m on holiday abroad it’s always lovely) then into a warm thundery July ( like 1995 was) and I think August could be surprise month this year with heat in first half (like 1990 and 1995).
  6. Interesting debate. Winter 2017-18 was pretty dreadful here in the South West but then we had the lovely Spring/Summer before the drier Autumn and last Winter. Going by Burrator, we’re well down on water levels already here. I do get the feeling that we’re in a pattern not dissimilar to 1975-1976, so if we get a 76 summer (looking more likely this year) we’ll be in fair bit of trouble. Thankfully we’ve more water reserves now compared to 1976 down here.
  7. Agree. You’d think it was mid December in there at the moment with some. It’s not going to snow or settle now. Looks like a lovely day ahead again here and the ground has warmed up nicely, so on the off chance it does ( which it won’t snow) it’ll not settle.
  8. It’s a year to the day since we got a temporary pasting. Came in here from Torbay and led to a lovely covering but being March it melted within a few hours
  9. Started drizzling here most of the day to be fair, but the wind steady increased noticeably after 2pm to near gale force by the time I finished work. Not a night to to go out to the pub. Netflix and Vimto it is
  10. Agree February 1986 was bitterly cold from start- and I remember those Easterlies well walking to school (as a had a head wind most of the walk in!) . It led to a massive snowfall here in Plymouth, the last really big one we’ve had.
  11. As someone who is reliant on gas bottles for heat and with a 12% price increase this winter compared to last year, I for 1 am glad of warmer winter, I’m currently on my 4th bottle since 29 October, whereas last winter I was was on bottle 7 by this point and ended up having 10 (3 bottles in March!). Hopefully it’ll be 1 more in March so I’ll have saved £205 on this years price compared to last winter. My electric bill is also much lower this winter. Whilst I love snow and cold as much as the rest, the real rampers clearly don’t live in the real world where even I have to factor in heat v food like I did last winter.
  12. Even in surburban Plymstock, as my parents lived on a hill it’s only happened 3 times in my life to my knowledge and that’s In December 1978, January 1986 and February 1985. February 85 was the big one - no cars came up the road for nearly a week and as a result the road got a grit bin from the council hence why I think it’s not happened since majorly since- bar that pasting in Jan 86
  13. It’s starting to sleet here in Plymouth- this could spring a surprise I think!
  14. Currently in Tunisia and I’ve had the sunrise at just after 7am local time and sunset towards 6pm. It’s very much noticeable the difference that near extra hour makes to a day when compared to the UK. Shame we’ve had Northerlies or NW winds for 5 out the 6 days so far, only yesterday was it warm and comfortable for shorts and flip flops!
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