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  1. It's certainly more like the Autumns I remember as a kid with this wet weather. It's been commented on that it's like 2000 but I agree with Damien, it feels much more like 2012 in fairness. All we need is an Atlantic storm barreling in and then we can settle down to Winter. Ex Lorenzo had potential but fizzled out.
  2. The only real downside I have, is that given I only have calor gas heaters for warmth, is the thought of lumping up 15kg bottles of gas every couple of weeks up to my flat. Plus the stress of looking for a supply if it gets really cold ( driving through snow in March 2018 was hard going and I got the last bottle)
  3. As I rely on Calor Gas for heating, I'm holding off getting a bottle just for the moment. Luckily flat is currently at 21c here, but it's coming I feel.
  4. Strange to think 8 years ago today we saw the hottest October day on record. We got to 24.7c out at Heybrook Bay where I was living at the time. My Facebook memories say Gravesend was up at 29.5c It was a beautiful day, latest BBQ I've ever had in the year was on that day.
  5. It's been stunning today here, but the car is covered in dew and moisture in the morning a sure sign Autumn is on the way here
  6. Remember that Christmas 1987 really well, spent most of the day visiting my poor Nan dying in hospital. It was definitely mild and dry that day, Boxing Day was wetter here with drizzle. Mind you Christmas 1988 wasnt much better!
  7. Trust me if it had been snowing, watching your life of 12 years collapse that night I wouldn't have cared less. Funny how I remember that sleety evening the most of that March. The rest is a total blur.
  8. Lord, March 2013 that was memorable for three reasons. 1. Yup it was bitterly cold 2. My Civil Partnership collapsed mid month- and I spent the month with no money thanks to my ex. 3. The night of the collapse, I remember walking across Plymouth Hoe in driving sleet at midnight being utterly heartbroken crying. Can I all give that a miss for a repeat.......(thank lord I'm happily divorced and single now!)
  9. In simple terms, yes we will. There's little denying that post March 2013 we went into a warmer period, but remember that following the dreadful floodings from December 2013-March 2014, we were all talking in terms of dreadful flooding becoming almost a regular thing. Luckily, it's not happened- although I'd say the spell January to April 2018 came mightily close down here. I'd say that we'll see statistically a good "cold" winter, as likely as a very very cold one. As a wise man once said -"The old roulette wheel of life must throw up the odd Zero". December 2010, was my lifetime on a par with the deep cold of January 1987 and February 1986 which was a very blocked cold Easterly period. So we could have a wait, or it could happen this year. Could we cope with a 1963 or 1947 would be my only concern given the circumstances at the moment!
  10. So today marks the first pre 8pm sunset since 9th April here. With the sunrise at 630am we are truly on the downhill now. By the end of the month it's out to sunrise 715am and sunset pre 7pm.
  11. And we're into Metrological Autumn Aside from Dorian the tropics have Fernard and Gabrielle possibly to contend with going forward, which should shake up the Atlantic hopefully.
  12. Funny I've been driving a lot around the City today, and the trees are definitely starting to turn and rather noticable at that around the tops. I stated that I thought we're ahead this year but we clearly are. Horse chestnut are very advanced but even popular and the lime trees,aren't looking brilliant for the end of August.
  13. It's been an average summer here. Luckily i was in Greece during the dreadful period of the first two weeks of June, ironically just as the Ionian Islands started their hottest early June spell for 20 years (thanks to UK copping it in part).I came back and the weather turned. It was wonderfully hot for some periods, but not prolonged like 2018. Then after a lovely July, August took the normal route here, bar the Bank Holiday weekend. Id give the summer a solid 6 out of 10. I think we've lost the heat for the year now here, so it's nicely downhill into Autumn before I get a sneeky week back on Zante in Mid October- if that follows my holiday of October 2017 when it was hot and sunny I'll take that going forward into late Autumn and early Winter
  14. Agreed, but with Dorian having sprung up and heading towards the Leeward Island then if it survives Florida, this will change the complexity of the Atlantic going forward possibly. At the moment, it's all looking very normal almost benine, but if the tropics do fire up, then expect some changes going forward. September is always my favourite model watching period for the first impact of Hurricanes both surface wise and Jet Stream.
  15. 13.7 and 85mm please. I think we'll get our first ex hurricane go through mid month.
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