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  1. Well it rumbled on here until 330am interrupting my sleep so I was up for nearly 24hrs yesterday (not a good thing at my age!). Just left with the misty murk you get post thunderstorm now- but hopefully I'll get some proper sleep tonight please!!!
  2. Just driven home from Ashburton to Plymouth after night out and been following some very good lightning I'd guess towards Dartmouth. Its moving down the coast and we're getting some lightning here in Plymouth now
  3. Looking very dark towards South Hams. Hoping that the line of showers electrifies inland like Monday.
  4. Just been on site visit to Jennycliff by Mountbatten station. It's just so hot for Plymouth- no wind but cloud is building high up. Edit- coming out at 29c in City Centre
  5. The last time I remember a hotter August day in Plymouth was back in 1990. Its horrendous here. Surely it's going to go bang
  6. Nothing here overnight. Bar a severe lack of sleep. I've slept in tropical heat but last night- that was nigh on impossible.
  7. Its rumbling again in the far distance. Seems that the moisture is back loading and building up as it hits land and us a lot!
  8. Cracking thunderstorm here in Plymouth now- real deep booming thunder
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