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  1. Just heard some deep distance thunder- there's a small cell popped up on South Dartmoor and a flash by Burrator so guess that was it. All looks very bubbly looking East at the moment
  2. Well I was going to Dobwalls v Tavistock in a PSF tonight, but it's off thanks to Covid. So it'll be an early night and hopefully I'll get something around midnight. 🌩🌩🌩
  3. Looking NE, there's some great instability around in the atmosphere! I think we'll cope it tonight.
  4. At a local football game down at Liskeard last night and the lowering light was very obvious from half time, and whilst not needing lights, it was very dimpse come the end at 2115. It was the first night I've really noticed it drawing in.
  5. I'm guessing those echos on met office radar near us must be flying ants. Seagulls were going nuts last night at football over at Saltash.
  6. Yes 1996 was another half decent Summer- all helped by Euro 96, lots of drinking in pubs watching England. August wasn't as good but I was in Derbyshire in July on holiday and it felt pretty close to 1995.
  7. Way to the south, but that's some storm between Orleans and Paris! 1000s of strikes.
  8. Good stuff- the QBO was foxing last year- and last Summer especially with the WQBO down in the Trop. I think we'll have the E QBO in the Strat for probably the rest of the year- with W starting to appear around the turn of the year. Little doubt this winter will be a mature E QBO- interesting stuff!!!!
  9. Currently showing 15.1 here, and the atmosphere is very oppressive compared to an say an hour ago. Suns out, but milky towards the South now.
  10. Well the main talking point this morning in Plymouth is... The Foghorn! I'm 3 miles East of it, and its clear as if it's in my back garden. To be fair, the fog/ mist is pretty thick this morning.
  11. Yes July 1988 was just ruddy awful- in the run of poor summers from 1986-1988. Thank goodness 1989 was a (forgotten) classic.
  12. Grim day yesterday- fog, drizzle. Not ideal working on the Hoe installing new pay and display machines!
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