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  1. alnwick area has been under a huge streamer for hours and through night!!!!! the A1 is now closed both directions up there!!! must getting pretty bad
  2. i feel your pain fella! ive had an all night streamer about 3 mile north of me and one 3 mile south!
  3. woke up to another night of pretty much missing everything!!!!! couldn't make it up!
  4. cant imagine what its been like in scotland, check out the streamer they have had going through for the last few hours! incredible
  5. been a disappointing evening for me, but to be fair i dont mind to much, as we had an amazing day!
  6. uk looks like freddie crugar has ran his hand over it!!!!
  7. what was a very disappointing night, has turned into a great morning, been snowing on and off all morning, currently in white out!
  8. do we have anyone on the ground in alnwick? would be nice to know whats going on there!
  9. so a little update from me, we talk about just missing out, how this for just missing. i live in open countryside, 200m around houses has seen little snow through the night. took dogs out for walk, 500m away and dogs couldn't go any further! drifts up to my knees!!! probably 7in everywhere else. It has also been snowing heavy (proper flakes) for the last 45 mins! cool
  10. oh thats hard to take for me lol im so close! not snowed here for 6 hours! and when it did it was hail so fine it made no difference
  11. yep im 4 miles north of morpeth and completely missing everything. Oh well at least the car doesn't need cleaned off! lol
  12. so woken this morning with NO more snow on the ground than last night!! Im missing it all!
  13. please no more graupel !! not had proper snow all day!
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