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  1. Definitely more snow than the February spell here! Heavy wet snow for quite a while this morning has given a decent covering.
  2. 40.2 mm. Looking at the lastest radar, may get up to 45mm before midnight, after which it looks like fizzling out here. Very impressive event nonetheless, and that represents almost 25% of my rainfall for the year to date! Flood alerts now issued for the entire length of the Loddon as expected.
  3. Yes; should have known he'd be out chasing! Never one to miss an exciting weather event!
  4. Flood warning out for Emm Brook in Wokingham; property flooding is expected. Not surprised really as 25mm is generally enough to cause it to flood ( although not property), and there must have been more than double that there today, falling on some very dry ground. Would also expect the River Loddon to flood over the next day or so as well.
  5. I'm thinking that possibly July 2007 would be the closest?
  6. Where's @Steve Murr? Guessing he's having an outside shower at the moment as he's under that really heavy band!
  7. Yes. Quite a serious convergence line seems to be occurring over Kent between Rochester and Maidstone heading West. Showing rates of 75mm or so per hour. That's pretty serious!
  8. Some places already above 50mm according to NetWeather radar accumulation: The total for where I live corresponds pretty closely with what I've measured, so no reason to suspect they're overdone. NW Kent in the lead, S. London, Guildford and Wokingham area also well up on totals.
  9. Up to 34.8mm now. Rainfall rate was up to 8.4mm per hour for a while, now back down to 6. Seems to be a bit of a shift in direction: most of the day it's been ESE, now seems more ENE. Lotsore rain to come I suspect; easily over 40mm total here, possibly 45, maybe pushing 50mm.
  10. 31.4 mm now, but rainfall rate down to 5.4mm per hour....
  11. No hint of any thunder or lightning here. Just steady heavy rain!
  12. 27mm of rain so far today here in Reading. Just short of my all time record for 24 hours, but I've only had the station since last July! Rates have been steady between 6 and 7mm per hour for past couple of hours.
  13. Pleasant end to the day. Scattered cumulus and alto cumulus with a slight breeze from WNW Temperature 5.7, dp 3. Pressure 1000.8 rising slowly.
  14. Glorious sunshine at last with a much fresher feel. Lots of cumulus clouds scudding by on the breeze.
  15. Clouds slowly lifting in Reading. Still total coverage but losing the dull-grey nimbostratus feel and becoming a bit lighter as cumulus clouds cross. I hope....
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