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  1. well woke this morning to around 2 inchs of snow. what a superb radar watch evening was had by all. Understand the frustration of those who watched as it passed them by with nothing been there many times before. Not looking good for tonight , but then we were sat here last night thinking the same. wonderfull thing the weather and especially predicting snow.
  2. Snizzle has gone now but replaced with snow, steady propper snow. Just about feel a crunch under foot so nearly 1 cm. temp dropping back down now -1.8. Night all hope everyone sees at least a dusting. If the PPn arrives it will be snow!
  3. gottolovethisweather You must have nearly a foot now?
  4. The snizzle has made it to mid Hampshire!
  5. please dont forget our brothers on the east side who often get dumpings of the white stuff when we are sat in our green fields. As this had their name on it around 6pm tonight! who am i kidding! LOL
  6. as others have said i am surprised that the intensity has stayed and not just fizzled out to nothing long before it got near any of us. close watch of the radar has shown it intensifying in places. A quality radar lampost watch evening , one i was not expecting at all. really can not see this area of PPn getting any further west than Bristol. which is a surprise as earlyer i was thinking it wasnt going to get here
  7. temps rising slowly now -1.4 new line of PPn appeared keep watching folks
  8. no reports of that S word south of the M4 yet?
  9. temps risen here from -4 to -1.9 still see the moon but high cloud heading this way.
  10. Hints of this loosing its intensity. Still no obvious southerly direction yet still SSW. cracking storm north of Norwich looks really intense.
  11. snowstorm!! best bit of ramping i have read this winter. LOL
  12. It is your mind that is filth as it always has been ! my post was innocent this time!
  13. oooppps! the M4 muncher has kicked in!!
  14. can not see any due south movement yet in this PPN. Might just keep going SSW as it is and more of us will see a bit more snizzle.
  15. There is a concern it will swing due south soon. Also it is likely to break up and diminish as it heads south. My advice is anyone west of Newbury and south of the M4 to not expect to much, hopefully you might see a few flakes. Further east you are the better.