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  1. This is the kind of post that drives an amateur like me insane. A lot of explanation as to how an area of nothing on the southern tip of Greenland can turn in to an easterly is needed!
  2. Just been taking a look at forecast temperatures for Poland and Ukraine - they are currently, and forecast to be, comfortably above zero.
  3. You're not wrong - I live a couple of miles south of Junction 12, at above 100m. 1cm of snow has been washed away by the rain. They have a few inches of snow in Reading, just 5 miles away and 40m high - although north of that road!!
  4. As a long time lurker and non-poster, I'd like to highlight this post as one of the most useful I've ever read on here and implore other posters to use this as an example of something that helps those of us who don't completely 'get it'. Thank you Quicksilver1989
  5. The bulge in the storm over France seems to be rotating - anything we can read in to that?
  6. Looks like West Berks will continue to miss out. Nevermind, off to western France at the weekend!
  7. I'm getting implausibly excited by repeated models showing south coast snow on Fri/Sat!
  8. Am I right in thinking the worst effects will have left the English Channel by Sunday night, from what we can currently see in the charts? Overnight cross Channel ferry!!!
  9. Should be useful for my family's overnight cross-Channel ferry on Sunday night <gah>
  10. Absolutely incredible storm, I think we were pretty much in the middle of it. Our fusebox tripped during the peak period when it was constant overhead lightning. Daughter wet the bed, son didn't wake up!
  11. Fergie has tweeted "With ca. 60% of EC & 50% MOGREPS members offering colder E'rly into next 6-10d, UKMO lean towards this but with caution: may flip other way"
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