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  1. Of the many countries i have had the privalage to visit , the warmth i have experienced from many french people when they hear i am scottish is unparralled . De gaulle`s speech still moves me today Hope you enjoy your holiday , we hope to be going back soon as well.
  2. @scottish skier Did i read somewhere that you said your wife was a breton???Love france and brittany , actually wanted to move to france years ago but met and married an english girl. We regularly go over there , st malo , normandy , the vendee and my brother in law has lived ( snow boarding instructor) near chamonix for nearly a decade now. Been ski ing near lanslebourg close to the italian border many moons ago , great country full of lovely people.
  3. Who mentioned race except you? Neither the scottish or the celts are a race and most europeans descend from the indo europeans going back to the first humans out of africa. If this was addressed to me , i was replying to cheeky monkey and a question he posed. Wish you would read what i wrote rather than what you think i wrote. We were discussing scotlands cultural and historical links with france , not the false ideology of race.
  4. Could you prove that please c.m??? How do you know a large % of scottish people are of english descent? How far back can you go? Does it count a large percentage of english people are of danish , german , french etc descent and what happens then ? Does this then mean a solid union with europe??? Unlike england , there was no anglo saxons in scotland , and the few northumbrian angles in antiquity were slaughtered and driven out or conquered by the picts , britons , danes and later scots. Some of the anglo danes of northumbria came under scottish rule after the 10th century. We share a common
  5. As a scottish person ,is there any disgrace in one of your fellow countrymen questioning english independance from brussels?
  6. dont always agree with much of what you write sb but you are a very fair minded poster who writes intelligently on uk politics.
  7. yes s.b exactly. never again though. I was a year living in suffolk , coming from a glaswegian labour background.( my dad was one of glasgows rare conservative voters , being of a northern irish unionist extraction.)
  8. what another great post and i will reply to this , which sums up much of my feelings exactly , if i get the chance ( had a barbecue beer and too much sun). i am a scottish nationalist , long before i ever heard of alec salmond and the snp , and through the love and teachings of my wonderfull grandfather have wholeheartedly believed in the scottish nation , independant and gaidhlig , since childhood. The idea of ridiculous parties like the bnp and the false ideology of race , turn my stomach. The conspiracy theorist in me beleives they were established by the brit elite to damage english na
  9. wholeheartedly agree with you bristle boy. The thought of balls and milliband in charge of the uk is frightening to say the least. Thats why milliband talks through his nose.... cause everytime his lips move the public know he is lying. Labour got my vote once and will never receive it again as long as i have the ability to vote in elections.
  10. thanks for your reply. if you read many of my posts on this forum , i openly support ( controlled) immigration , and have argued about britains muti cultural history and also the fact scotland is made up of many differing peoples and cultures throughout history just like any other country. Immigrants are welcome in scotland , just as i , an immigrant to england , have been welcomed by the english people , who are not , despite the stereotyping by some, a nation of right wing bigots. The english are for the most part a friendly welcoming people , but i understand and sometimes sympathise wit
  11. oh come now november 13. i agree with many of your posts but even alec salmond famously said on question time is anyone seriously in favour of mass uncontrolled immigration. Surely a sensible government will construct a policy of controlled immigration to suit our needs. I also care very much on your point about speaking english. Language revival is extremely difficult , but surely we should be teaching our children our native language , gaidhlig , and scots as well for those who favour it. Independance means more to me than just swapping london for holyrood and continuing with a similar
  12. Actually november13 , the point isnt lost on essan. He is well aware( or should be) that britain is a multi national state and always has been since its inception. Region of britain is when something is wanted from scotland , like oil or cannon fodder in imperial wars , and nation comes into play when it comes to building a high speed rail link from london to that foreign country in the north or sending our pocket money north from the taxes we provide and then convincing the english electorate they are subsidising a foreign country of ungratefull spongers. You can see it here , one minute ,
  13. aye , am wae ye there pal. no one for crying crocodile tears over a woman i couldnae stand , but wont speak ill of the dead either. remember as a wee boy our whole street out in protest at the bailiffs coming to pound a neighbours house for non payment of her poll tax. Every single working age man unemployed , plumbers ,joiners , brickies the lot. The scots are not a forgiving people , as her party has found to its cost.
  14. who? here essan special deal doon the chippy fur ye
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