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  1. Gravesend a bit less hot than expected, probably because it saw the brunt of that thunderstorm last night. Rochester fast approacing 30C (according to phone).
  2. 29C here (according to my phone) at 11am, so 34/35C definitely possible? Medway
  3. For me it feels noticeably less hot this evening. I'd say my body has started to get used to the heat although the temp is around 23C which is a good 3C less than yesterday. Have to say, I could definitely feel the humidity today though.
  4. Light snow here for past 20 minutes or so. Getting heavier and more persistent as time goes on. Wainscott, Medway
  5. Heavy to moderate snow here in Wainscott, Medway. Couple of cms o grass and starting to settle on roofs but not roads pavements yet.
  6. Actually quite sad that this is the end of it. Been enjoyable posting again and reading everyone's posts and reports.
  7. @Memphis snow any update on our snow depth? Imagine it's difficult to get an accurate measurement given the drifting.
  8. Just a few more, this time in Stoke, also on the Hoo Peninsula. Those drifts are crazy!
  9. This is Allhallows this morning. Basically cut off, as are many villages on the peninsula. My sister is a nurse and lives in High Halstow on the peninsula and says that nurses etc are being offered lifts for work by 4×4's.
  10. Suns gone down and it's already -4C. Wish the winds would die down, could easily hit -10C here.
  11. Some showers now just north of Sherness being fed into Medway Estuary. Let's see it anything falls from the sky this time.
  12. The radar seems to be over doing the intensity of those showers. I should be under a pretty hefty shower right now. The clouds look menacing, but theres nothing more than a flurry.
  13. Wind really picked up for a minute here. Blowing snow off roofs, never seen anything like it. Took me a second to realise it is actually snowing again here as well. ?
  14. Some snowy looking clouds to my north. Radar confirms some flurries hitting the Hoo Peninsula. Not sure it'll reach here. Going a bit too East-west.
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