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  1. Remember folks. It's a forecast not a promise. I hope it hits Coventry and the northern edge is well over the Midlands. But These things change, and it's more about nowcasting. I'm optimistic, but whatever I say or do the weather will do its own thing.
  2. Temps decrease by 0.6 degrees for every 100 meters ASL. Can make all the difference with events like this. Still snowing lightly in Coventry, less wet snow now, more the finer stuff. Should pep up more in a bit, so much to our west
  3. There's a lot of moisture in the air to our west on the radars. Feeling cold, will get colder. Looking good. Good signs from the NW too -Coventry
  4. Got the day off work tomorrow for Coventry Beer Festival, as much as I love the snow I hope the kids schools aren't closed. I need my beer fix
  5. Yeah, its wierd here. The only drivers that need to come down my street are the people that live here. It's not a through road, its a quiet suburban street. When it snows the gritter comes twice a day, it is a little hilly tho Also, Cov Council want to spend their budget So they get the same next year
  6. Just down the road My side street has just been re-gritted by the big gritter but the road is still white-ish Got my fingers crossed for later
  7. Ignore it, had more snow today than yesterday, and has been snowing all day here in Eastern Green. Lightly yes, but it deserves at least a cloud and 1 snowflake graphic.. The metoffice app has shown NO snow for the whole day... The app has no idea
  8. I'm hoping it follows the arrows and the Eastern edge sits just east of Coventry
  9. Bonkers ain't it The met office for my part of Coventry shows nothing but grey today, but it's snowing (lightly) and the radar has loads of light snow around our area.
  10. The radar is a puzzle this morning Snow almost anywhere and everywhere... I think its coming from E/SE and heading N/NW slightly. But its soo hard to tell as these are much larger showers that the streams of the last few days... I can't make any of it out
  11. Don't say that This looks more lively that what's failed earlier, with added precipitation behind it, so it should make it this time. Met office also predicting that lot will make land in CV world
  12. Snow looks like its coming from the E / SE this morning (Was N / NE). So a definate change in the wind direction. Also means we should get that big patch of snow hitting Cov and the rest of the midlands in a couple of hours... hopefully
  13. I hope that chunk over Leicester and towards Nuneaton hits the Western edge of Coventry. Might even head out to Meriden or Solihull to catch it
  14. Sun back out in Coventry now, but the next lot is over Spalding - Bourne - Oakham way should hit Cov again in the next couple of hours (Again, ties up with the Met Office). That's the path the last lot took, and this looks to be doing the same
  15. We honestly won't know about Thu/Fri till 12/24 hours before. It won't be a rainy washout tho, I'm sure of that. it will be cold, we will probably get snow. And thats from the GFS and METO
  16. Hopefully, what's setting up in the Wash at the moment, collaborates with the Met Office. Heavy snow from Midlands for CV5 from 12.00
  17. Sounds about right to me. Possibility of snow! and yes, its a historic period in weather in Cov if the temperature maintains its current downward sprial Even if we don't get snow
  18. Thing is, this wasn't hyped by the Met Office or Meteoweather. Thy hype train came mainly from amateurs and enthusiasts... Oh, and the Express, who are sailing papers, not true journalism. Met Office has played a blinder, it didn't jump on the Snowmageddon bandwagon, just predicted cold weather and snow. Released warnings accordingly... Also, it is the beast from the east as temperatures are struggling above freezing, and for end of Feb/beginning of March it still a truly remarkable period of weather. The best brings temperatures down, we shouldn't expect to much snow as far inland as thi
  19. Don't panic, we're going to get more Snow this morning. Its pepping up on the radar and heading this way. Guarantee it
  20. And by looking at the radar its quite a large are of precipitation. Then a heavier one in an hour or two will hit Leicester. Hopefully follow into Coventry then
  21. What should be hitting Leicster now should hit Coventry in an hour, quite a large but light area of snow Then a break, and a heavier band just behind it, both following the Mablethorpe - Leicster - Coventry path. Maybe a new type of streamer
  22. There's a decent band of precipitation that made land over Mablethorpe and heading over Lincolnshire, to Leicestershire then towards Coventry and the eastern side of the West midlands. That should give Coventry a lovely snowy mix in a couple of hours. Looks heavier so shouldn't blow out. It matches with the Met Office apps and BBC forcast for 'heavy snow' around 11 am Clutching at straws maybe, but It's how I see it
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