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  1. Goodnight everyone I'm throwing in towel. What a night to remember! Makes all of the obsessive behaviour worth it to get a glimpse of what a true blizzard is like. Every time we get a big storm I always think "what if this was snow" well now I now!
  2. Freezing rain here but the met app has it turning back to snow in the next hour.. if its raining where you are stick your head out of the window and you should hear (when the wind drops) a distinctive tinging noise as the rain drops hit the surface.
  3. Nice blob coming into South Devon probably gona be rain but as long as the lamppost doesn't drip I don't mind
  4. Following link for anybody who wants to know what freezing rain is. Or you can carry on making missinformed statements http://January_1998_North_American_ice_storm
  5. Somebody correct me if im wrong. With +0 850s the snow will melt at that level and turn to rain but as the surface cold is still there it will freeze as it hits the surface. So freezing rain rather than snow. Lovely!
  6. Was greated by trafic jams whilst trying to get to the gym at 9.30 this morning so turned around and gave up. It's not even bloody snowed yet!
  7. OK sleet has stopped now as forcasted. All eyes on the radar now. What are the chances of a polar low developing over the warm Irish sea?....I can dream
  8. Showing heavy snow/sleet mix around plymouth airport from about 3pm onwards. I think our best chace down here is if we catch a heavy shower later on once the the cold air gets in. I'm not holding by breath. My wait for a repeat of Jan 1987 continues..................
  9. Quite an extreem met weather warning for the north. Heavy snow accompanied by 55 mile an hour gusts bringing blizzard conditions, with posible lightning strikes causing disruption to power supplies. Im not in the slightest jealous......
  10. It happens everytime. No way I'm getting sucked into this one. Perhaps the north will see some of the white stuff but for me I'd rather keep the blue skys going.
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