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  1. Glad someone's with me - although there seems to be enough scope for them to build NNW, the overall movement seems NNE - and while I enjoyed a wonderful light-show in the early hours of Wednesday (plus the little bonus cell earlier), I would quite like a prolonged system to move overhead. Fingers crossed I guess!
  2. So, we got a short but sweet cell over central(ish) London about 45 minutes ago (W12) - and now I'm wondering whether the western-most extent of the main body of storms will at least still glance us? All seems a bit too far east, although I may be being rather paranoid
  3. It’s been beautiful here in Acton for the best part of the day, I’ve been watching convection reach it’s limit and drop away. But there’s the odd cloud that looks to be reaching higher now, very pretty, maybe there might be a shower over London at some point this evening. Looking SSW towards the Richmond - Twickenham - Feltham region, there’s the odd bit of convection that looks good
  4. Very spring-like shower here in Acton a few minutes ago, suddenly dark, then gusty with heavy rain/hail - and now beautiful clear skies coming in again. I really really want these cold conditions to verify, but if not, I could deal with this kind of spring weather
  5. Thanks for your reply Nick. Just light snow here then - can hardly complain, it's been snow all day in margianal west London.... Hopefully our opportunity tonight come to fruition..... SNOW DAY!!! Although I'll be in L'Hôpital tommorow anyway.... bloody epilpsy
  6. Any chance that once this heavy band of precip that's passed through London and Kent leaves, that the precip behind will perk up? Or will we just have light snow?
  7. Absolute pelters on the Acton/Ealing border too, it's been half an hour of very very heavy snow, maybe 2cm in 45 minutes
  8. Caught in a mix of moderate to blizzard-like wet snow and graupel walking home from Richmond to Twickenham, turned into mostly sideways wet snow in the heavier bursts, heard some thunder too, lovely surprise!
  9. Snowing in Leicester city centre Although very lightly at the minute
  10. Looking at the radar track it looks to be dissipating just in time to "hit" leicester haha, typical! Bedtime!
  11. Tomorrow's wind further south than predicted maybe? I'm staying up for the squall line, but if it's only rain and isn't wind-or-other-interesting-weather-feature-based, then I may just call it a night
  12. I'm staying up for it to hit Leicester, could be a long night for me!
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