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  1. A good 2-3 inches on the cars/untouched roads - since about 8pm every time I've looked outside it's been coming down, some very heavy, some light but very persistent . It's horizontal due to the wind also with the associated drifting. It's just like the event we had 3 weeks ago on the infamous streamer night.
  2. Pretty much in the middle of amber warning area ...can't remember it going past yellow a couple of weeks ago despite receiving a relative pasting. Surely we won't see a repeat of those crazy blizzard/drifting showers again so soon? They seem to be suggesting that. I'm a little surprised they've gone amber over yellow...especially with it being the weekend so less commuters/traffic about.
  3. It was we done very well out of it that night and the day/s before best snow for 15-20 years at least. Obviously people wanted more tonight but we never do well when it's warm vs cold air....has to be pretty much a straight easterly aimed towards us to make things happen. I'm not fussed about tonight....happy for a quick thaw now. This week will live long in the memory.
  4. Zoom into a place called Wirksworth (south of Matlock) and play the radar ... it maybe a radar error on anomaly but there's a small blob of torrential snow which hasn't moved for 2 hours? If you are under that it must be dumping meters.
  5. 9 degrees in Norwich on Sunday according to the BBC. The warming is going to be more rapid than is being suggested by the charts maybe? Had pretty much everywhere above freezing. 4-5 Newcastle and Edinburgh. Wind arrows more southerly than south easterly. I don't trust them with regard to precipitation, I do with temps.
  6. Looks like that's it for us with regards to any significant snowfall. Can't complain though woke up to 10-15 centimeters big drifts against walls, it was bleak and felt surreal like being in a different country. With the wind, the drifting of the lying snow was understated in the forecasts...quite a few times I got a face full of the stuff. I can't remember a more dramatic event for us in the the last 20 years. The Beast from the East really did deliver. Now it's time for the West Mids to have their day it seems
  7. Just measured window ledge 2 inches currently (city centre) still falling ,lightly though. All that is from tonight, obviously not huge amounts but looks great and very orange with light pollution. I think Lincoln/Grantham will have some really decent totals.
  8. Playing back the radar between 8 and 9 pm Nottingham took an absolute direct hit from that streamer. Mansfield (the usual profiteers) got nothing out of it! Show's how localised it all is.
  9. Just looked out the window! Crazy scenes this there is a decent depth now everywhere is white...this event has really delivered for Nottingham...often does from the east....and these showers have been a lot more powerful and prolonged than forecast.
  10. The one that hit us just after 3pm was incredible. Bigger than any of yesterday. Torrential snow + very windy looked amazing then drifting / full on white out. Haven't seen anything that intense since the early 90's. Pity they are only showers but you can't really expect prolonged stuff with that kind of intensity.
  11. Hmm, BBC still going for the SW hit on Thursday with moving as far north as Yorkshire 15:00 on Friday.
  12. Keeping the cold but not as cold . A very slow, cloudy warm up by a degree or so every day until Monday (approx 5 degrees) when it will be too warm for any precipitation to be snow. Disaster !
  13. It's showing more to the South West which means cold wins out (for most of us) but no snow unless you are in the sweet spot which looks to be South Wales with the most North Easterly tip being Bristol.
  14. For my area I'm apprehensive about Friday. So many times before I see it stall just north of Oxford/South Birmingham, I don't think it'll make it to the North Midlands. Can't argue about some of those beefy showers today though....genuine whiteout blizzard conditions at times (if for short times) and city centre snow on pavements when leaving work, not often you see that.
  15. Wonder why that pilot didn't fancy holding? I'd be quite peed off if I was a passenger.
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