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    Off Road 4x4 - The muddier the better......or snow, lots and lots of snow ?
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    Cold, frosty, snow....lots of snow! Oh....and more snow!

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  1. Snaw in Tibbermore near Perth! Just wee flakes but the dugs are happy ?
  2. We’ve had a great day diving into snow drifts here! I know snow can get a bit tiresome after a while (Not to me ?) but we thought we better enjoy it while we can! Has been flaking away all day though, expecting to go to sleep and wake up to another covering!
  3. Woke up to another covering from through the night, I’m guessing only about another CM but better than nothing! Still snowing here, it’s starting to feel like it’s never going to stop ? Not that I’m complaining!
  4. What a great morning! Woke up to at least another 2-3” of snow and several texts from colleagues having to walk to work! Despite it being my day off I jumped into my 4x4 and went and picked them up and delivered them safely to work! 4 round trips and all were there, cosy and safe! Back out at my house and my tracks from this morning are covered already, snows on and off but very small flakes! Will it keep on going through the day?!! Might need to head out later again to get them all home ?
  5. Yip, wild here too! Had to give in and shut the front door....apparently not everyone in the house appreciates the snow ?
  6. I find the differences in some forecasts quite strange! It’s currently very heavy snow here, the path I cleared has covered over already within the last 10 minutes. Fingers crossed it keeps up like this ?
  7. Well I’m very jealous of some of the snow depths on here but despite only being a few miles from Perth, we have a decent amount! 4-5” in most places with drifts over a foot! However, a further 5 miles along the road towards Crieff at my dads house there is over 12” on flat surfaces with drifts of 4-5 foot! We’ve just had a mental wee blizzard but the NW forecast is showing no more snow for us this evening! I find that hard to believe but could it be correct?!
  8. I’ll be showing everyone at my work this tomorrow.....or hopefully not because I’ll be snowed in ?
  9. I’m at Tibbermore, the clouds are rolling in and small flakes are appearing in the wind! Hopefully this is the start of a decent flurry at least ?
  10. I’m trying to keep the faith, believe me ? I think I jinxed it by putting off road tyres on my jeep ? I trust the experts, I don’t know how to read the charts and graphs so I’m staying in here for updates!
  11. Good luck @Mr Frost and Mrs Frost!! I have a snow baby too! I spent a week in ninewells hospital glued to this forum watching out a window at the lampposts ? Last thing I remember before being put under for an emergency section was the surgeon saying, you can tell your baby it just started snowing as she was about to be born! It snowed the day we left the hospital then snowed the day we went to register her birth!
  12. With such a sunny calm morning it’s hard to believe that we’re even going to have a visit from the beast!! Is this the calm before the storm? ? My family think I’m nuts for even mentioning a chance of snow and freezing temps!
  13. Strange how a few miles can make such a difference! My pics were taken in Gask, half way between Perth and Auchterarder! I remember in 2010 phoning my work in Perth saying I might not make it in, there was a good 2-3ft of snow! They wouldn’t accept it as there was only a few inches in Perth....until I sent pics to my manager ?‍♀️?
  14. I’m really hoping Perth and surrounding areas do see a decent snowfall this time around! 2010 and 2013 have been amazing but can they be beaten this time?! First 3 pics were in 2010 and last 2 were in 2013....taken just outside Perth!
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