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  1. It's starting to look quite promising here at Mumbles, Swansea due to the heavy snow and that it is sticking! But it was and is extremely cold so wrap up warm!
  2. All schools are bound to close! It’s -4 in Swansea and a bit of snow and stuck snow on Swansea bay! My hand are falling off Or hopefully tomorrow it’s going to snow a lot
  3. I'll try staying but my headmistress is REALLY scary lol I hope it's heavy before the bus comes
  4. When's the heavy snow for Swansea? I don't fancy being stuck in school
  5. My school is still open today at Swansea when some others are closed. When is the snow coming for Swansea. Also, any idea of when the heavy snow is hitting Swansea because I don't fancy being stuck in school
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