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  1. It’s taken a lot of folk in Cornwall and Devon by surprise today, several centimetres falling leaving people stranded. I think the impact for parts of the South West was very much underestimated today. A great day for snow lovers across Southern England today - and all this without embedded cold air ?
  2. And wrong for Plymouth and lower ground in Devon I’d say. Good attempt but not quite
  3. It’s been an unusual day in Plymouth. Rarely does a weather front come in from the west give 3 hours of rain before turning to heavy snow given a good covering. Back-edge snow from the west - it’s just odd!
  4. Just had a snow shower in Plymouth! Slight covering, likely to melt however. It’s the first snow of the winter ❄️?
  5. Looking like Tuesdays snow event is a no go for Devon and Cornwall at least. Is it likely that the model may still shift a little further south and slow somewhat given D&C a better chance?
  6. Lovely day here in Plymouth, early rain has cleared to leave a sunny, fresh winters day, perfect for a stroll along the sea front. Winter is by far my favourite season??
  7. A grouping of showers just off the north coast of Devon and Cornwall - could these turn to snow as they move it inland? Is it too early?
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