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  1. That big blob of precipitation right above us. Shame we had a big melt earlier in the day!
  2. Looking really disappointing for us here in SW Wales. Wasn’t expecting much but one day of 26/27 degrees on Tuesday , with cloud, cloud and more cloud either side of that meh!
  3. Same here in Swansea. Where in fact it’s been pretty poor since the Azores high was pulled west around two weeks ago. Pretty much cloudy nearly everyday until 5-6pm with an average high of between 21/23 with the odd day or so of 25/26. Though as much I love the hot weather, if some had offered us this summer(particularly the end May/June) then I would of said yes. Hopefully we can get to see a 30c in this parts before the summer ends.
  4. Oh yeah 2010 beats this hands down we had significant snowfall (30cm if I remember correctly) which I haven’t experienced since then. Not really expecting much more to be honest from this spell of snow. Unless that band of heavy PPN reaches here.
  5. Been crazy up here in tonmawr, been very fine snow since 3. But starting to accumulate (4/5cm) with some drifting occurring. Winds have been really strong so proper blizzard conditions. All in all very surprised given that port Talbot/neath/Swansea have very little. However my elevation of 180m is obviously helping. Let’s hope that chuck of heavier PPN keeps on heading north west for the lowland areas around here can join the action.
  6. Fantastic not much down forecasted here yet again. Honestly how many times do the surrounding valleys and to the east of us get the snow. Yet we get bugger all yet again. 2013 all over again. 8 years and counting it seems like for another decent snowfall. Roll on spring (when it will eventually arrive here) https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/forecast/gcjmc7vce#?date=2018-03-01
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