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  1. I'm surprised at the downbeat mood in here. We've just had two beasts and we're now heading towards April. I'm literally sitting back and watching events unfold without stressing (for a change)- any further snow would just be a ridiculous bonus in my eyes!
  2. It looks a bit isolated compared to the other models. Still on for a cold Easter imo.
  3. And I still have no idea where you are!
  4. Nick, I'm convinced we're going to get a third beast - there's still a lot of very cold air lurking to the north east. We'll probably be limited to settling snow at night by then - could do with a few cold, low dew point days in the build up though. Imagine we did get another cold spell - would surely be a March for the record books?
  5. Icon looks like it could easily develop to "Beast III - This time it's personal ".
  6. Just to make the point people on mobiles are saying (not having a go at you!)....would be good if people could put something like "starting to snow here in Swaffham now..."
  7. Are we really doing this 'it looks a dry easterly' thing again?
  8. Where's that blob in the channel headed?
  9. Surely the exact opposite of what you say is true? The low staying south keeps the UK in colder air for longer.
  10. I believe they are the original planning sketches for the M4?
  11. GFS is used by sites such at this due to cost and level of data available, no other reason
  12. Wouldn't it be amusing if a combo of Icon and NAVGEM nailed this cold spell