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  1. All goes a bit wrong after that, but I'm confident of we got to that 204hr chart it would evolve more favourably than that. The good news is the signs are starting to appear in the high res part of the run now
  2. Striking that all models in the medium range so far (UKMO, GEM, GFS, DWD) have considerably higher pressure to the east tonight than in previous runs. My Spidy senses are starting to twitch
  3. Can someone else have a go? Block holding on longer on tonight's GFS. UKMO had a similar run a couple of days ago if I remember rightly.
  4. Multiple people have explained he is trusted and you write this? Pathetic.
  5. Last post on the subject, but here's the link. https://www.theweatheroutlook.com/twocommunity/default.aspx?g=posts&t=19510&p=10
  6. It's from Retron on TWO and he's the person I would trust over any one else on the various forums. You can take the mogreps info to the bank.
  7. GFS still persisting with these ludicrous lows that people said wouldn't verify. Will be interesting to see if they still appear that deep in a couple of days time - and think of the difference that might make if they're shallower.