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  1. 850’s have nothing’s to do with surface temps in this scenario.
  2. Steady on, 6z at 120hrs looking similar to the 18z?
  3. I disagree, doesn’t seem to be much to stop that WAA shooting due north. Oh for a proper 168hr chart!
  4. Well Boxing day looks very unsettled according to Icon!
  5. In a couple of weeks time the mean gets just below zero? Halcyon days, I'm off for a lie down.
  6. It's definitely not Summer Sun, who is Gavin S on TWO. Gav's Weather Vids is run by Gavin Partridge, a 'stalwart' of the weather forums for many years. Shall we move on from Gav related posts now folks?
  7. Can you please stop giving out abuse to people you know nothing about? Gav's a great guy who offers his interpretations of the charts. If people don't like those interpretations then I suggest they watch something else instead?
  8. Interesting chart! Not sure if the 850s would be cold enough for snow though.
  9. The difference between ECM and GFS to our north east as day 8 is ridiculous.
  10. Are you sure - it looks more WSW to me (and you did mix your directions up earlier so thought I'd check )
  11. We haven't seen zonal GFS runs like that in long time. Icon and UKMO looking a bit more ridgy today though.
  12. I have to question this guys knowledge. Doesn't the MJO only go up to phase 8?
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