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  1. A few rumbles now. Still raining lightly. Gone very dark.
  2. The sky here is so yellow the pic doesn’t do justice. Rain too
  3. Had a few rumbles and it raining. Most of action seems to be in Irish Sea. It has gone much cooler now
  4. Rain starting here and and odd rumble of thunder
  5. All quiet here but still the odd flash now and then.
  6. We watching lightening maps. Seems to be swinging in towards soithport
  7. Ive never seen a storm like that. It still going but not as bad. Started to rain again
  8. Ive counted at least 20 flashes in the last 5 mins. It keeps on going. Amazing
  9. I thought it would have been changed in winter. Hope everyone is ok and staying safe x
  10. We had a heavy shower followed by a flash and a rumble of thunder too.
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