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  1. Decent pub run, let the fun and games begin.....till the morning at least!!
  2. Wouldn't surprise me if we had a bit of snow early doors this year, we are due it and I can picture the chaos now with Christmas markets being cancelled and shopping days reduced! looking elsewhere it's quite impressive seeing pretty much the whole of Canada covered in snow this early, not been done since 2005. The lower-latitudes are certainly cooling fast.
  3. Just had a passing storm to my West here in Boxley and now to my South West a decent one is approaching, can now feel a cooler welcoming breeze
  4. Not all over yet for us then Steve? Amazingly close earlier to something epic, I actually couldn't believe it.
  5. A few strong gusts, few spots of rain, few rumbles and a super looking yellow sky for a time here in Boxley (Maidstone) earlier, but that was about it sadly. it's still sooooo warm and sticky, like others have said seems much warmer than Tuesday night.
  6. Knowing my luck I'll get home tonight after being hot and sticky all day, fire up the BBQ whilst sitting in the shade with a cold beer and it'll start bucketing down
  7. But you generally stay warm at night? I reckon cloud cover will hold the heat in for many of us till crash bang wallop arrives.
  8. It's days like today where you need to visit the local co-op and just walk round all day.
  9. I usually ignore the meto app symbol forecast but for tomorrow it showing 37/38*c .......Very rare to see that and certainly won't be enjoying it!!
  10. Indeed and the overnight temps are insane, according to the beed no lower than 27*c!!
  11. That would match the meto written summary, I won't be building my hopes up here in Maidstone, but you never know!
  12. Bit more of a refreshing feel today, early mist now cleared. Not this weekend but the one after I'm off to Eastbourne for a long weekend visiting an old friend, hoping for a dry weekend even if it's not wall to wall sunshine, looks like I should have picked this weekend coming though lol...would be just my luck it being wet and chilly 5th/8th July,
  13. Very muggy here on the outskirts of Maidstone, I'm keeping everything crossed for a slight shift East but not counting my chickens, some will have a very eventful evening and I hope you enjoy it....stay safe!
  14. I see the Met Office have issued an Amber Warning for a large area of the South East for this afternoon/evening Following earlier rainfall some heavy, and perhaps thundery, showers are expected to develop over parts of southeast England this afternoon and into the evening. Whilst many areas will miss the highest rainfall totals from these some places could see 50-60 mm falling in the space of 4 to 6 hours. The showers will then gradually ease later this evening Amber Warning
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