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  1. Into double figures next weekend, might be a garden tidy weekend
  2. Warnings out in force for Wind and no not after the midweek curry... A period of very strong and gusty winds is likely on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Strongest winds will be across South West England and South and West Wales late evening, with gusts of 60 to 70 mph on coasts and 50 to 60 mph inland. Elsewhere winds will be strongest after midnight, with gusts of 60 mph on coasts and 50 mph inland before easing during Thursday morning. Meto Warning
  3. Many of us crave snow year after year and get disappointed when it fails to deliver, or fails to meet expectations, that led me to think why don't we just all book a skiing holiday for a week or two each year, get the snow fix and then we can relax
  4. Medway been hit by this Lauren, roads are chaos, check social media etc
  5. That'll just be the police visiting some pub at kicking out time to break up a snowball fight!!
  6. Surrey ( The Poster ) has done well out of it, have a look at the pictures he posted.
  7. Useless for me also but been great for others which is good to see.
  8. Not much of an event here in Boxley Maidstone/Medway. Pleased that others have done well though, enjoy it!!..onto the next Chase..
  9. Still snow tiny bit here in Boxley but not accumulating to much at all really currently
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