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  1. It can't be ruled out
  2. TBH this is not a bad little Outlook for us, best we can hope for as things stand? This Evening and Tonight: Dry, clear and colder conditions spreading to all parts through the evening, once early rain clears London and Kent. Becoming cloudier and breezier around midnight, with occasionally heavy and perhaps wintry showers arriving. Minimum temperature 1 °C. Thursday: Feeling colder on Thursday with occasionally heavy and possibly wintry showers soon clearing to sunshine. Frost developing quickly overnight. Winds easing. Maximum temperature 5 °C. Outlook for Friday to Sunday: Dry, cold and bright start to Friday with rain and sleet reaching far west and spreading east overnight. Cold and cloudy Saturday, turning drier. Sunday brighter but possible sleet later. Updated: 13:41 on Wed 16 Jan 2019 GMT
  3. Let's have some fun Met Office Forecast showing a Snow Symbol for 10am tomorrow Pretty much as per Yesterdays BBC Weather Video Posted in here for tomorrow at 8am Meto Written Forecast Tonight: Drier, clear but colder conditions spreading to all parts through the evening. Becoming cloudier and breezier around midnight, with occasionally heavy and perhaps wintry showers by dawn. Minimum temperature 1 °C. Thursday: Cold on Thursday morning, but windy towards the coast with occasionally heavy and possibly wintry showers slowly clearing. Drier and brighter through the afternoon. Winds easing. Maximum temperature 5 °C.
  4. A chilly week of weather ahead, a few flirtations with snow/sleet showers down the Eastern flank over Higher ground at times No big calls just yet, to early to rule anything out imo whilst we have colder conditions
  5. Enter the MO thread at your own risk this morning!...It'll be all eyes on Feb now, until tomorrow
  6. How spooky, we both posted that at the same time LOL
  7. Interesting Met Video regarding potentially for the Easterly next week.....fast forward from about 22mins onwards (Wednesday)
  8. Doesn't mean much, look at last year, we still ended up getting Snow eventually.... though it was Spring!!
  9. The biggest question for me is how many bites at the cherry will we get. Things go pear shaped and we could have a long wait for another bite for anything decent. Expect a chilly spell to see out January, but that's about it at present, unless you want to go deep into FI but the way the models have been, absolute no point ( If you really want to it is giving us a cold Feb)
  10. That E'ly looks a warm one across Europe?? Look at the uppers!
  11. After a quick browse of the charts I'd say don't focus on snow at this stage, let's get some proper cold in and the rest may follow, still plenty of winter left.....plus early Spring
  12. Great video, lovely memory to havd. it always seemed to snow white in Feb and from memory snowballs, snowmen and sledging galore Now to contemplate whether or not to venture into the Mad thread and read back a couple of pages to see wgst the output gave us this evening!
  13. Then on Boxing Day at the Pub and back to reality.....after an overnight melt due to milder air pushing in