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  1. Not that hopeful of much, hopefully famous last words. Tuesday was horrendous round here though so in a way it's good if we miss out
  2. Careful mentioning that out in public places
  3. So looks like Easter for us in the South East will serve up a small plate of naff all? I'll be happy with high single digits as long as it brings sunny spells, not keen on single digits with cloud and rain, just so boring and inconvenient. Day's like today at least you can use it and get stuff done.
  4. I have to admit I've not really taken much notice about the Easter weather because as much as I like snow I'm ready for mild warm sunny days so the potential for snow doesn't float my boat (goat) at this time of year. What's the latest regarding the potential cold spell? Is it worth diving into the models?....Typical cold gloomy, cold rain mixture?
  5. I'm certainly in need of some sun and milder conditions now but Easter looks to be a chilly one. I wonder what the knock on with all this will be for farmers, gardeners and so on..
  6. Nice to see people bit more level headed and calmer in here today. Yesterday in here we witnessed flying goats, sledges, wellington boots, carrots, Lumps of coal the lot apart from snowballs
  7. Yellow warning for mud, so when the dusting melts sledges will become stuck halfway downhills
  8. Regarding snow potential for later today, like Tom & others have stated its worth keeping an eye on but keep expectations low, more often than not you'll then be rewarded. It does have potential to catch a few of us out, so if travelling about today always be prepared. I've stuck the goat (sorry coat) in the boot just in case
  9. Although FI signals are growing to give us a cold snowy Easter!!
  10. Lot of nothing here, had snow for quite a few hours but apart from a dusting it did nothing of note.
  11. It's a real tricky one for my location imo (Boxley) I'm looking at two potential decent set-ups, one to me West and one to my East, I could potentially be on the edge of both of I might not get much at all.....however experience and history tells me I've often done well from this type of set-up, time will tell
  12. If it's dry you might want to start the foreplay before 4pm
  13. After 4pm on the 17th April 2018.
  14. Do you Deliver? No we only do Chicken, Lamb or Beef