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  1. Probably more sleet and hail for the South East IMO, but still an interesting brief spell coming up. The feel like temperatures will be of interest.
  2. On Tuesday night I mentioned about the yellow/red (blob) area of precipitation on the radar just off the coast of Ramsgate, it remained all the way through last night also....what causes that? It was like a dragon's mouth firing the precipitation, didn't move and was constantly showing on the radar....?
  3. Perhaps wishful thinking but I'm trying to recall the year we had decent snowfall and a cold stretch like this one before milder weather arrived, giving a false pretence of Spring....only for us to go back in the freezer two/three weeks later with another dumping of snow.....was it 94?
  4. Ok thanks, just now seems all to the east of me at present, those in line fade out as they past Colchester.
  5. Decent snow flurries at times earlier today. Is that it for NW/N Kent for today or a little flurry or two this evening?
  6. Be very careful outside over the next few days, it's really icy, went to get the dog in from the garden and slipped on ice from where I had cleaned the patio and path off. Luckily only my pride and buttocks hurting, think I'm going to feel that in the morning!
  7. I've been dating one, but it gave me a cold shoulder after 48hrs of hugging it.
  8. That yellow/red blob on the radar been around for sometime, off the tip of Ramsgate, Hopefully the Dragon releasing the flames!....And I don't mean Heat.
  9. Slight concern regarding the break and stalling of the stuff coming out of Holland and across the North Sea on the latest radar shots.
  10. Do Amazon offer exchanges for dinghys instead? 😄Hopefully not 6hrs wasted, just delayed!
  11. Not fussed about the "rain" that'll be down in the Channel and SW...I'd be worried abiut it if I lived in Jersey.
  12. GFS throws a spanner in the works, everything still in the balance.....who will come out on top? It's going to be a day of flip flopping, would imagine the Mad thread will see a few barney rubbles. I wouldn't be surprised if by this evening but more so tomorrow morning the GFS gets back on-board, but I'll keep my money in my pocket for now. Enjoy the ride over the next few days!
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