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  1. Storm "Ali" next week might be something to keep an eye on, once Hurricane Helene does it's thing
  2. I'm tempted to put artificial grass in our garden, are you using a timber frame and weed control fabric then filling with sharp sand before laying yours? I've read different methods and tips, some using social underlay instead of the sand.
  3. Raining now, Hoorah!
  4. When you look at the Netweather radar its so frustrating when you see all that precipitation flirting all the way down the East Coasts
  5. Had a decent 10min downpour earlier but no storm, all was to my East, seems like much of it was wasted in the North Sea
  6. Indeed Daniel, also something is to our SW right now judging by the sky
  7. Same, really could do with a good couple hours of tropical style rain
  8. Yep, Heading your way Lightning Map
  9. Most likely it's gone very dark here in Boxley and too my south
  10. Was that about July time also? Think it was a Friday Night if my memory serves me right? It was one hell of a storm and the build up prior to it the way the cloud rolled in was amazing, was yellow
  11. What do you reckon for your area along to Medway/Maidstone Steve with regards Storms? Might see some action but the better stuff over the Water to our friends in Essex and East Anglia? Did you witness last nights few rumbles and lightning?
  12. From the sky in his Glider over Norfolk
  13. Can we class the potential of hail with the storms later as snow?
  14. i couldn't care less about any July records, had enough of this heat now, just bring me rain i'll even dance under the falling rain in just a pair of shorts, I'll even cover up the camel I shipped over from Egypt a week ago to get me backwards and forwards from work in this Sahara type climate we now find ourselves in