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  1. I grew up in Prestwich so used to ride all over blackley,crumpsall then moved to whitefield/unsworth so when it snowed we had plenty of sledge spots in Heaton Park and various golf courses. You could almost guarantee at least one snow day from school. From what I've read we'll end up with the winters of yesteryear as patterns inevitably repeat and it's funny how you can have nothing where you are and go a few miles or even meters in some cases and it's a winter wonderland! Here's to hoping for a good dumping in salford before winters done
  2. Going to dry shampoo my hair so I can run my hands through and create my own personal snow storm....... bet even that will be a non event and won't stick!
  3. Sorry griff74 bugger all here bud flits between rain sleet and snow
  4. I remember getting stuck at my friends house for couple o days, I think it was the mumps
  5. Same here *sigh* looks like any snow for us to have mixed with Satan's fart!
  6. Looking forward to that one, I always end up being overly critical on these types of movie though and get disheartened at the silly little things, stupid I know! Give me my trust l96 over this snow hope any day! Off to bed to count sheep made of snow
  7. On the nw snow radar it looks like it's pivoting slightly with a second area being sucked down to swansea, its like someone has a hoover drawing it in
  8. If it wasn't for Jan's legs picture I'd be crying about now, the git that nicked my sledge must have stole my snow... can I have permission to cry and grovel for a swig o booze *sigh*. At least this year I got to see some white stuff, I can't remember any frost in my area last year! There's always Feb
  9. Light dandruff Irlam o'th height... strangely coincided with my ice queen wife coming home (because she's permanently cold) time for snow dance ourside
  10. You up near age Croft road/rainsough end fella? Cos you're at least a bit higher up that end.. that being said we should get something here
  11. And after that post I took a bin bag out t' bin and some pants tucked into socks degenerate has nicked my trusty red sledge!!! I bet if we get a good dumping some terd goes door to door trying to sell sledges or hides is the park with an oversized coat asking everyone if they want to buy a sledge!!!! GRR
  12. Got naff all in my part here, it's like mother nature must have had something nicked from the local wildlife here!! I did get to see some snow falling which was nice. As for rain shadow I can't see that applying to us here with this system coming from the west (but a powered snow shield when coming from the east as the pennine cause a shadow effect) as a weather system approaches the mountain etc let's say from the east then as it reaches the peaks it condenses and dumps(precipitates) there and Crosses over to the west side which creates the shadow as the air has little moisture left. (I'm on
  13. Same here mate, the positives of this are that the front is moving slow, temps look ok for an overnight dumping ( within -5 isotherm and DP) it could also be a case of BBC and MP not wanting to dive on this like a fat kid on cake due to uncertainty maybe or not wanting to overhyped a call.. I know they have the matrix to list a low confidence in something but still. Even the most experienced on here have struggled with snow calls and have said it could be a now cast jobby. At least if it is snow, the pennine snow shield can't stop it for us mancs mucka, just gotta wedgie my local salford scrot
  14. Aye and look how slow it's moving... barely moved the past few hours according to the nw radar app
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