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  1. I thought I'd share a few screenshots from videos that I took of the storm on Tuesday night. Three hours of constant lightning was incredible. I'll certainly remember this night for a long time.
  2. Clear skies here at the moment, which really shows how bright the moon is tonight. I can't stay up any longer, so I hope we all see a bit more unexpected snow throughout the night
  3. We've got a covering of snow here It's strange because I thought it was more likely to snow on Thursday/Friday morning!
  4. The lamppost watching has started The showers are just dying out as they get here, but there's plenty of time for that to change...
  5. Had a bit of snow here at around 5am this morning which left a dusting/covering. To be honest, that's more than I was expecting for the whole of this winter...
  6. We've got rain here at the moment. Maybe there'll be a bit of sleet/snow in the heavier bursts...
  7. My guess is around the Salisbury area, with a pressure of 987mb
  8. Just with my phone, an HTC My phone's not good enough to take good pictures of lightning so I go through the videos on my laptop and slow the videos down, enabling me to get a decent 'still image'.
  9. Here's a video I've made of this morning's thunderstorm: Here are some still images from the video:
  10. Got a few nice still images of the thunderstorm about an hour ago
  11. Not a lot of thunder and lightning here in the end, but it's nice that the air feels a bit fresher now
  12. As promised earlier, here's a video of the thunderstorm from last night: Photos are included at the end of the video, but here are some of my favourites:
  13. Had constant lightning from about 1am-2:30am but the thunder wasn't so frequent at first. I then got woken up at around 3:45am by a short downpour, which produced a bit of thunder and lightning. That first storm was possibly the best I've ever seen in terms of the quantity of lightning I'll put photos/videos up later.
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